Passionate About Upcycling ? Apply To Climate Ready for Women in Upcycling

Climate Ready Women in Upcycling
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Final call to apply for Climate Ready for Women in upcycling ! 
Application Deadline – 17th January 2021
Are you passionate to turn trash to treasure ? This is final call for you to join Climate Ready for Women in Upcycling Program. Climate Ready for Women in Upcycling intends to have more gender balanced ventures thriving in marketplace. 

What is Climate Ready for Women in upcycling ?

Climate Ready for Women in Upcycling is a pre-accelerator program designed specifically for women entrepreneurs in upcycling business with focus on business literacy and build successful business models through training and mentorship. The program is designed to bridge the missing skills so that women entrepreneurs build confidence and gain adequate knowledge to thrive in the market and actively seek support available in the ecosystem. The Program is initiated by Climate Collective Foundation with the aim to create a gender balanced and inclusive startup ecosystem.
If you are a women entrepreneur in early stage of your upcycling business, this program will help you : 
  • build business literacy and confidence
  • develop understanding of upcycling business models
  • connect to wider support networks and increase visibility for your startup
  • interact with and learn from other women founders in the domain
  • understand the technical and business aspects of upcycling through personalized mentoring session
  • fill out quality applications for further support programs in the ecosystem
This cohort will comprise of 20 women led startups in upcycling who are at the MVP or early sales stage. The accepted participants will be given capacity training, in the form webinars to build business literacy skills, networking opportunities, market research through collaborative exercises within the group as well interactive sessions with external speakers/founders/mentors and confidence building to leverage further opportunities. There will be personalized mentoring sessions with technical and business mentors through the course of the program. The program will end with a showcase event where all the startups in the cohort will be showcased to relevant stakeholders. 
Post successful completion of the cohort, we offer the opportunity to be part of the global accelerator Climate Launchpad  for selected participants. 
Climate Ready for Women in Upcycling
Climate Ready for Women in Upcycling Timeline (credit : Climate Ready / Climate Collective)

Who Can Apply ?

  • Women entrepreneurs in upcycling who are at or near MVP stage or pilot sales.
  • Women entrepreneurs to apply whose upcycling business is from plastic waste sources are encouraged to apply 
for more information, check out Climate Ready for Women in Upcycling FAQ here


Climate Collective aims to build the ecosystem for climate entrepreneurship to support climate change solutions.
The mission of the Climate Collective is to build the leading region-wide climate entrepreneurship platform in South Asia by 2020. This platform can be broken down into three basic buckets: startup programs, community building, ecosystem development
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