Spring Clean with Riicycle Household E-Waste Monthly Collection 2021

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Because not all e-waste need to stay in 2021 ! Join Riiicyle Tech’s Household E-waste Collection Campaign ! 
Partnered with Fairy Le Phénoménal, Riiicycle Tech’ aims to reach out more people about making the environment better by properly recycle our e-waste. The first 20 participants will be getting RM10.00 Fairy Cash Voucher.
Riiicycle Household E-Waste Monthly Collection | Changemakr Asia
Riiicycle Household E-Waste Monthly Collection (image credit : Riiicycle Tech)
For more information, head to Riiicyle Tech websitedownload their apps and follow their informative instagram page too. What are you waiting for ? It’s never too late to start recycle !


Riiicycle Tech Logo | ChangeMakr Asia
Riiicycle Tech is a leading recyling platform from Penang Malaysia that redefines the Recyle Ecosystem by rewarding green lifestyles. Riiicycle’s mobile app, providing you with a cutting-edge incentive and reward system when you recycle solid wastes like plastic, aluminium and steel cans and paper.
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