Got Sustainable Packaging Idea? Join IKEA Packaging Innovation Program

IKEA Packaging Innovation Program.
Shipping air is costly not only for business, but also reputation. IKEA is looking for innovative solutions for the future. 
Sustainable packaging can have various positive impacts on your brand. Whether you’re well-established or an up-and-comer in retail, reducing your carbon footprint, reducing waste and establishing a positive first and long-lasting impression can set your brand apart in the market. Calling all packaging innovators! How can we reinvent packaging for a more sustainable and better future? 



When it comes to packaging, IKEA is looking for innovative solutions for the future for these two key aspects:
  • What are the new sustainable materials of the future that will protect products and make sure they reach customers safely?
  • What are the innovative solutions for safely transporting goods from suppliers to customers that we haven’t seen before? 
Dedicated to providing the most affordable, comfortable and well-designed products globally, IKEA is one of the world’s largest home furnishing brands today. As a curious company with a constant drive to enable people to live a better everyday life within the limits of the planet, they are also invested in making packaging alternatives more sustainable and safer – to both people and our planet. This is why they are looking for innovative packaging disruptors in the following areas:
  • Sustainable alternatives and innovative packaging materials of the future, including upcycled or waste materials from other industries.
  • Accessible solutions for safely transporting goods from suppliers to customers.
IKEA is now scouting for potential start-ups to join a Packaging Innovation Accelerator Programme to tackle these challenges. Through this program, IKEA aims to collaborate with start-ups to find sustainable and innovative solutions and accelerate innovative and sustainable packaging solutions. 
If you are innovating in any of the above areas, have a proven business model, are a legally registered business, and speak fluent English, apply to IKEA Packaging Innovation Program here by 28 September 2021 (check out the Terms & Conditions here).


The IKEA Foundation is funded by INGKA Foundation, owner of the Ingka Group of companies. The IKEA Foundation is independent from the retail business with a sole focus on creating brighter lives on a liveable planet through philanthropy and grantmaking. Visit INGKA Foundation’s website.
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