Rapel App Launches Operation in Bali : Promoting Waste As A Resource

Rapel App Launch in Bali
Bali Province generated 915.5 thousand tons of waste. Considering Bali’s size, this is an impressive number.
Rapel has arrived in Bali to manage inorganic waste that takes a very long time to disintegrate, such as plastic, paper, metal, electronic and cooking oil waste. Through collaboration with waste banks, universities, and agencies, Rapel aims to reduce waste, change people’s behaviors, and improve the circular economy. 


Waste Pickup: Rapel Showcases Electric Motors for Inorganic Waste Collection

In 2021, Bali Province generated 915.5 thousand tons of waste, according to the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK). Considering Bali’s size, this is an impressive number. Rapel provides a fleet of inorganic waste collectors with environmentally friendly electric motors. Additionally, Rapel has developed a smartphone application that can be downloaded to reach individuals more effectively. 
Moreover, every type of inorganic waste that is deposited in the Rapel application will have an economic value according to its composition. After downloading the application, the user simply takes a photo and determines the pick-up schedule. Rapel users able to exchange recyclable waste for cash or points that can be redeemed as vouchers, or transferred to an e-wallet. Once collected, Rapel sends the plastic waste to its recycling facilities to make plastic pellets and other recycled materials. 

The Rapel collector comes and collects the inorganic waste that has been collected. The balance will also be automatically listed in the application every time you make a transaction. In this way, the community can benefit from sorting waste.

The inauguration ceremony took place in Sanur on 5th November, attended by several honorary guests, Dr. Ir. Firmanto Laksana MM. SH. MH. from the Otto Lima group, a new partner and Co-Founder of Rapel, the Head of the Denpasar City Environment and Hygiene Service, press colleagues, and related stakeholders who support waste management in the city of Bali.

Web Series On Circularity

Along with the launch, Rapel also launches their latest web series in collaboration with Roemah Tjinema. Gayatri added that the company’s mission is to reduce waste, change behavior, and promote a circular economy.

About Rapel Indonesia

Rapel Indonesia is an acronym for the Bahasa words Society, Care, Environment (Rakyat Peduli Lingkungan). Rapel provide environmentally sound solutions to consumers for enhanced recycling and proper waste management, with the greatest responsibility for waste workers and society at large.