Capture Releases 2022 “Sustainability At Work” Report

Capture Sustainability At Work Survey 2022
“Employees are a critical stakeholder group for corporations seeking to expand their sustainability initiatives, so understanding employee mindsets is essential,” said Iris Zhao, CEO of Capture.
Capture released its 2022 Sustainability at Work Report, a global research initiative that sought to learn more about employee engagement with sustainability.


Sustainability At Work Report 2022 

Employees in over 60 countries provided Capture with feedback about their employer’s sustainability initiatives. Survey results indicated that employees are eager to be actively involved in their company’s sustainability programs. 73% of respondents indicated that they were enthusiastic about workplace sustainability programs, and some of the most widely requested initiatives included:
  • Transparency and measurement of sustainability efforts
  • Education about sustainability and initiatives within the company
  • Awareness, inclusion, and engagement of employees
  • Supply chain accountability
The Report also provides key recommendations for employers seeking to address employee sustainability requests.