Powerful Ad Campaigns That Take Stand on Social Issues in 2020

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These powerful ads campaigns that take stand on social issues to make you stop and think. Even more, it will nudge you to make meaningful change in 2020, no matter how small it is. 
2020 has been quite a year. At the same time, we also witness the ever-growing list of companies that actively take stand on multiple social issues. These days, there’s growing pressure on companies to express their brand values and take a stand on multiple social issues. 

Ads Campaign – Powerful tools for Change

A well-made advertisement is designed to grab our attention and to remain in our memory long after you’ve left it behind. Interestingly, this is what many of social issues problems need. Getting people to think and worry about various social and environmental issues such as deforestation, domestic violence, human rights and covid-19 support are significant for raising public supporting and affecting meaningful changes.
Here are five powerful ad campaigns that will make you stop and think : 

1. Palm Oil Free Chocolate – Darrel Lea

Darrel Lea, which has been making chocolate since 1927, has become the first Australian chocolate brand to go 100 per cent palm free oil free, replacing it with sunflower oil in all of their products. 
“Our consumers are well-educated and over the years they have been very vocal about their views on pal oil” said Mr Tim Stanford, marketing Director at Darrell Lea. 

2. Road Safety and PTSD  

On the occasion of World Mental Health Day 2020, Tata Motors in association with MindPeers (a mental health tech service platform) launch ‘Stop The Endless Accident” campaign to raise awareness on road safety and trauma caused by vehicular accidents. 
Tata Motors' new campaign in association with Mindpeers spreads awareness on road safety
Tata Motors' new campaign in association with Mindpeers spreads awareness on road safety (image credit : Tata Motors / India Times)

3. Domestic Abuse during Pandemic Lockdown – “Unmute The Abuse”

The number of domestic violence in India has even on the rise since ever. This is as much of a problem in the upper section of the society as it is in the lower. Amplified by the pandemic lockdown, these women and children were denied any relief as they were locked in with their abusers. The numbers show that the cases of domestic violence have gone up during the lockdown. According to an article in Economic Times, the number of complaints of domestic violence cases has gone up by 94 percent. 
“Unmute the abuse” campaign encourages people to raise their voice against any kind of domestic abuse. This campaign is a call asking people to talk about this issue so that the people suffering can get the confidence to come out and speak up. In association with Maharashtra Women Commission, this campaign aims to help victims of domestic abuse.
Unmute_The_Abuse ChangeMakr Asia
Unmute The Abuse Campaign (image credit : Campaign of the World)

4. Your Voice Matters, Vote ! 

Michael Kors, the designer has launched Your Voice Matters, a campaign aimed at encouraging voter registration and participation in the upcoming 2020 presidential election.
“Our greatest right and privilege as Americans is the right to have our voices heard,” said Michael Kors. “Voting is the ultimate way to make sure that your voice is not lost. These T-shirts and sweaters are a reminder for all Americans to vote and not let their voices be extinguished. It’s also an opportunity to raise money for legal and social justice.” (source : WWD)
Your Voice Matters Vote Michael Kors Campaigns

5.Covid-19 Support for Frontliners  

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak in Southeast Asia,  Grab has worked tirelessly with governments and funded measures to render much-needed financial support for driver and delivery partners most impacted by the crisis.
In February 2020, Grab SEA introduced GrabCare, a dedicated, round-the-clock, on-demand service to enable healthcare professionals to travel to and from hospitals seamlessly. Healthcare professionals and frontliners are able to book ride back home via the GrabCare icon within the Grab app. Grab aims to ease the burden of the healthcare professionals and frontlines who may face increased difficulties in getting rides due to heightened public awareness of the Covid-19 situation. 
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