Building Better Bridges : 3 Campaigns To Foster Compassion With Migrant Workers

migrant workers
Migrant workers contribute to host countries by filling jobs that spur economic growth. But many don’t really have a voice. It’s time to foster recognition and compassion towards migrant workers through poetry and food. 
There are over 100 million migrant workers living and working around the globe. For most, finding decent, better paying jobs, is at the hart of their quest to move. The lack of economic livelihood and income inequality in their home country is a driving force. 

The Development Challenge of Migrant Workers 

Migrant workers are often overrepresented in the informal economy that entrench inequalities, including gender inequalities. They are often not covered by national labour laws and can be subject to poor and unsafe working conditions, low wages, inadequate health care and unsuitable housing. Social protection may be denied in law or practice, increasing the risk of poverty upon their return home, especially if they suffer from injuries related to their employment. 
In singapore, for example,  a million low-paid migrants contribute immeasurably to the country’s success. Migrant workers make up a third of Singapore workforce and make important contributions to our nation. We see them at construction sites, restaurants and some help out in our homes. But for many, these migrant workers are nameless and faceless.  

Thriving Together : What We can Do   

There is much we can  all do, starting with accurate depictions of migrations and migrants. A Deeper understanding of, and more compassion for, migrants and the issues they face. This is necessary to bridge  gaps in understanding and seeing them as an integral part of society. 
Three events and campaigns are happening to lend a voice as well as encourage empathy and thoughtfulness towards migrant workers. 

Project Open Doors   

Project Open doors is a collaborative effort by Singaporean Civil Society Groups to raise public awareness in the extended isolation and mental distress faced by migrant workers due to movement restrictions. 
Project Open Doors believe that migrant workers are equally deserving of respect, kindness and empathy. aise awareness about migrant workers’ confinement and their mental health needs. Collaborated with MaidForMoreSG Climate Rally, and Cross Island Line civic response Singapore Project Open Doors aims to raise awareness of the mental health issues migrant workers face. 
Project Open Doors Migrant workers Mental Health
Project Open Doors - how to Lend Support (image credit : Welcome In My Backyard / Facebook)

Deepavali Drive & Distribute  2020 with Its Raining RainCoat (Singapore)    

Deepavali is a Festival of Lights and a time for celebrating with family. Today, at least 300,000 low-wage migrant workers, mostly from South Asia, are living far away from their loved ones.
This year, Its Raining RainCoat (IRR) invites all of us to make this festive season a little brighter for our migrant brothers after the year they have endured.
Here ‘s how you can participate :
1. Join IRR Deepavali Drive and Distribute on 21st November 2020
2. Buy samosas & pizzas for IRR to distribute on 21st  November 2020
3. Buy any festive food items & donate directly to any migrant workers in your vicinity
4. Contribute to IRR’s  Ray of Hope Campaign
To know more, visit this web link with all the info:

Global Migrant Festival 2020     

Global Migrant Festival is happening from 21st – 29th November 2020. This year, Global Migrant Festival will feature 30 events online, across 9 days with over 200 participants from 25 regions defined by borders in an array of cultural performances, talks, films and community advocates from non-profit organisations ! The finals of the annual Migrant Worker Poetry Competition (Singapore) were held as part of the festival.  
The festival sought to provide a platform for broader, critical, human-centric perspectives and dialogues on migration, in context of often vitriolic narratives that have dominated discussions on migration in Asia and across the world. 
The full event will be lived streamed on Global Migrant Festival : 
Visit the website for detailed festival events and timings : 
Global Migrant Festival 2020
Global Migrant Festival 2020 (image credit : Global Migrant Festival)
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