PLN’s Innovation : Transforming Electric Poles into EV Charging Stations Across Jakarta

Photo courtesy of PLN
The state-owned utility company, PLN, is transforming its electric poles into public electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, known as SPKLU.
Jakarta – In a pioneering initiative to boost electric vehicle (EV) adoption, Indonesia’s state-owned utility company, PLN, is transforming its electric poles into public EV charging stations. This innovative move aims to provide EV users with convenient charging options, marking a significant step towards the country’s goal of accelerating the electric vehicle ecosystem.


“We are committed to the EV ecosystem’s acceleration, recognizing its cost-effectiveness and its pivotal role in reducing carbon emissions, thereby advancing our net-zero emissions target by 2060 or sooner,” PLN CEO Darmawan Prasodjo stated during an announcement reported by the news agency Antara on Wednesday.


Dubbed the PLN EYE, these pole-mounted chargers repurpose existing infrastructure to offer strategically located charging points for EV users. “Our dedication to fostering a strong EV ecosystem is unwavering. With continued innovation, we aim to make EV charging stations more accessible, encouraging the public to embrace electric vehicles,” Darmawan added.
image by PLN
image by PLN
Chairani Rachmatullah, CEO of PLN Enjiniring, announced that three prototype PLN EYE charging stations are already operational, with two situated at the PLN KS Tubun office in West Jakarta and another at the Yasporbi Bidakara Elementary School in South Jakarta. Available in 7 kilowatts (kW) and 22 kW capacities, these stations have been developed by PLN Enjiniring to suit both exterior (concrete poles) and interior (iron poles) installations. Plans are underway for further assessment, enhancements, and standardization of these installations.
image by PLN
image by PLN
For added convenience, EV users can locate the nearest PLN EYE charging station using the PLN Mobile App. “Users simply need to access the electric vehicle section on the PLN Mobile app, which will then direct them to the closest PLN EYE station,” Chairani explained, highlighting the ease of use and accessibility provided by this digital tool.

Lead image courtesy of PLN