Play:Fair – A New Kind Of Music Activation For People And Planet

play:fair for people and Planet 2021
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Channeling the power of the crowd for people and planet.  
Music can educate and inspire taking action. It has the power to bring positive changes in society at scale. 
Play:Fair for People and Planet is bringing together musicians, performing artists and local and international activists with the power of music to address climate injustice, inequality, and to ensure a sustainable food system for all. 


PLAY:FAIR For People and Planet 

Play:Fair for People and Planet aims to inspire, connect and mobilise people all around the world by bringing together musicians, performing artists and local and international activists. SDG Action wants to reimagine a new world where we address the global challenges of climate injustice and inequality; and ensure a sustainable food system for all. 

With major events and conferences happening in 2021, from the Food Systems Summit to COP26, SDG Action is seizing the moment to begin a major activation in the lead up to our Global Week to #Act4SDGs, held on 17-28 September during the UN General Assembly. 

The music industry can lead the way in setting an example in how we can produce big events and take climate and the environment into account to reduce the stress on our planet. Let’s adapt to nature rather than the other way around.

Catch iconic music legends & young emerging voices performing LIVE to #TurnItAround for the #GlobalGoals. 

Date : 17 July 2021


Time : 6.30 pm – 8.30 pm CET

Turning Point Dialogues  

Leading up to the Play:Fair activation, three Turning Point Dialogues will take place, featuring established and emerging changemakers and inspirational actors, sharing personal insights, ideas and calls to action through an intimate conversation format.
Tune  in to the three-episode Turning Point Dialogues for the exciting discussions in the days leading up to Play:Fair for People and Planet at
Play:fair Turning Point Dialogues, 14–16 July
image : SDG Action
There will be plenty of exciting updates in the upcoming weeks! Find event information at and follow @SDGAction on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.
The UN SDG Action Campaign is a universal entry point for citizens to interact with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and support the efforts to implement them. In October 2015, the UN Secretary General sanctioned the new mandate of the Campaign for the next 15 years to contribute to SDG achievement by building and maintaining political will for the Goals, as well as by encouraging and supporting multi-stakeholder engagement in the implementation of Agenda 2030. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: @SDGAction #ACT4SDGs
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