Plastic Free July 2021 Through Different Lens

Plastic Free July 2021
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Today is July 1 and it marks the beginning of Plastic Free July. Not sure where to start or need a little inspiration ? We’ve got the tool for you
Happy July 1 !  Today marks the beginning of Plastic Free July campaign across the world. 



Plastic free July began in 2011 by a handful of passionate individuals in Australia looking to make a positive change for the earth. The initiative too  off and last year the challenge included 326 million participants from 150 countries choose to refuse single-use plastic (source : Plastic Free July
plastic free July 2021


Taking steps to change our day-to-day habits that involve singe-use-plastic may not be as easy and smooth as it said. Hence we have complied few actions you can choose to do at home, work, school, and within the community. Check out our ideas below and get inspired :


  • Focus on one area of life where you feel it’s easy, doable as well as budget friendly. Use whatever you have to replace the single-use plastic
  • Buying less. Rethink, repurpose, and reuse what you have. Remember, buying less is even better than buying green.


  • Conduct a plastic waste/bin audit at your own household and understand how much waste we create and where each of household member can reduce the most, could be avoided, recycled or composted. Once you’ve audited your bin, there’s a lot of useful information that can come from it. Start by taking note of the “low hanging fruit”; in other works, things that you can change quickly and still make a big impact.
  • Investigate your household / workplace’s purchase / procurement practices and reduce the amount of single-use plastics used, you can use these following questions to help identify the answers :
    • Do we really need to purchase/procure this single-use plastic item?
    • Can it be purchased / procured without single-use plastic packaging?
    • Can the same item be made from recycled content, thus closing the loop?
    • Can packaging be reduced by buying in bulk?


  • Join or organise impromptu cleanup efforts in your own community. 
  • Conduct a waste audit at your own house and understand how much waste we create and where each of household member can reduce the most
  • Raise / support money for ground-up initiatives/ change-makers dedicated to plastic pollution reduction 
  • What to take an extra step, how about try to do next level challenge “plastic detox” and deplastify your life with this “plastic detox map” by Dr. Jane Genovese
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