Overflowing Garbage Bins : It’s Not Just An Eyesore

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It is more than just an eyesore. The overflowing garbage bins are a sign of many inefficiencies and disconnection in our systems. Because plastic bag is more than just a trash.  
Let’s be clear : waste generation per person in the world varies from 0.05 kg to 2 kg per day, multiply the average with 7.5 billion, 76,00,000 ton that’s the amount of daily waste that we are trying to tackle here. It’s not pretty. We, as humans, have pissed of the planet, with our waste, with our greed and our ignorance.

Overflowing Garbage Bins 

Overflowing garbage bins are a sign that we consume more. We waste more. We don’t care. Anymore. It is a symbol of the many inefficiencies in our food and consumer goods market. 
If we want to truly tackle waste, we need to reframe the way we think about it. Waste isn’t about just a plastic bag or straw. There is an entire production line, start to finish.  There is a trail of waste, visible and invisible, every time we consume. 

A Holistic Mindset 

A change in mindset needs to come first. We need to stop taking ‘waste’ at face value. For every item we consume, think holistically – why you are using them, where they came from, who made this and where will it go when i’ve finished with it ?
A plastic bag is not just a plastic bag. There is an entire story of a plastic bag that we need to know better in order to educate ourselves. We need to learn about the story behind a plastic bag in order to unlearn and relearn our habits towards a plastic bag. Because plastic bag is more than just a trash.  
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