Overcoming the Earth Overshoot Day and #movethedate – The Frugal Way !

Earth Overshoot Day - optimized

The Earth Overshoot day has been creeping up the calendar every year. Learn about solution to help us all tread more lightly on the earth.


There are five key areas in which you can help to #movethedate while living-below-your-means and easy : 

food - overshoot (optimized)
energy - overshoot day (optimized)

Did you know that we would move Overshoot Day 10 days if we cut food waste in half worldwide. 

Did you know that the energy we use for heating, light and other electrical appliances at home and at work represent over 30% of carbon emissions ?

Did you know that cars are responsible for 19.7% of global carbon footprint. 

The web of life is vital to keep our planet liveable. Fertile soil, clean water, and clean air are necessary to provide humanity with the food and physical health we require to thrive.

Reducing family size at this rate is equivalent to moving back Earth Overshoot Day by about 30 days, or one month, by 2050.

No matter who we are, reversing overshoot will require actions (big or small) from all of us, people, governments, and businesses. Join the campaign #movethedate to not only move back Overshoot Day, but to put forth big solutions for people and the planet.