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Grow your own food with Vegepod. Because big flavour doesn’t need much room. 
Do you have a patio ? Or a balcony ? No matter how tiny your space, you will always be able to grow something with Vegepod.

Vegepod : Raised Garden Bed For Easy And Effective Garden Growing 

Vegepod is an award winning kit set raised gardening bed which was designed in Australia 10 years ago and is now available in Singapore as of early 2018. Vegepod is self-watering with a wicking system, protective cover and mist sprayer. This system makes growing simple for anyone to grow veggies, fruits and herbs in landed properties, on condo balconies, community and corporate spaces, educational institutions and any other unutilized spaces with an abundance of sun such as rooftops. It’s kitset design means you can start small and scale up without the commitment of constructing your own raised beds. 
Vegepod | ChangeMakr Asia
Enclosed and raised vegetable gardens For easy and effective garden growing (image credit : Vegepod / website)

Vegepod : Enclosed and Raised Vegetable Gardens

Vegepod Raised Garden Bed Kits give you the best of both worlds and more. You get the size of a raised garden bed with all the benefits of container gardening. Not only that, you also get the benefit of an Raised Garden Bed Cover that extends growing seasons and accelerates plant growth.
Garden maintenance is minimal and watering is only required during the early stages of plant growth. Vegepod Raised Garden Bed Kits are simply the easiest way to grow your own vegetables.

Vegepod Christmas Promotion

Keen to have some fresh veggies on your Christmas dinner table this year? Or starting your Christmas shopping early and looking for a sustainable gift that keeps on giving? Grab a Vegepod!
Enjoy 10% off all Vegepods and accessories plus free delivery for a limited time. Use code: FRESHVEG at check out. Visit the online shop at to place your order
vegepod christmas promotion
vegepod christmas promotion 2020 (image credit : Vegepod / Instagram)
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