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Mind Games by Grumps. An audio experience revealing the journey of PTSD, depression and lifelong trauma healing. This audio experiece will take your audio exprience to next level. 
Healing conversation is done within a multitude of layers, hence we should always remember to take time, sit down with ourselves, and be gentle in the process. This is what Andrea Lagmann disclosed to us when talking about her podcast, Mind Games by Grumps. Andrea Lagmann, the narrating artist behind Mind Games by Grumps with her polyvocal prowess in audio design and literature, launched this project back in September 2020 as a way to advocate and ignite the discussion surrounding people with mental health disorder and their loved ones on her closed dealings with suicide, PTSD, and depression. Andrea herself is a former young professional athlete who is actively undergoing many forms of therapy and is still healing herself. 
Mind Games by Grumps
Mind Games by Grumps Audio Experience (image : Andrea Lagmann)
Under the moniker Grumps, Andrea’s approach in advocating this discussion is quite unorthodox. Mind Games by Grumps is an 8-episode narrative-podcast crafted like an audiobook. It relies heavily on audio experience, which means that Andrea utilizes binaural beats and many more as an attempt to communicate what it is like inside the mind of the narrator in first-hand immersion. This podcast is devoted for those who decide to talk about healing, vulnerability, and beyond that; discourse on suicide when it is too late and post-death.  
In her second episode, Andrea admitted that it was the hardest episode to record because mainly the entire narrative triggered her. The third episode highlighted her healing journey where she disclosed her battles with herself. However, she quoted, “Mental health conversation is not easy but it’s necessary to have because all of us have it.” Andrea’s devotion in advocating and igniting mental health discussions is presented in a storytelling where she discloses her vulnerabilities to remind others undergoing the same battles that they are in this together and they are not alone. 
A series of 8 episodes.
We walk you through a mind that suffers from mental illness that transcendentally heals by sound design.
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