May / June 2024 Edition of Impact Funding, Fellowship, and Acceleration Opportunities

Impact funding Changemakr Asia
This curated list of funding, fellowship, and acceleration opportunities is tailored to help these businesses thrive and expand their positive influence in the region, May and June 2024 edition.
The landscape of opportunities for impact businesses in Asia is more vibrant than ever. In a world increasingly focused on sustainable and socially responsible growth, impact businesses play a crucial role. This curated list of funding, fellowship, and acceleration opportunities is tailored to help these businesses thrive and expand their positive influence in the region.


New Energy Challenge 2024  

The New Energy Challenge (NEC) helps technology-focused start-ups and scale-ups develop emerging technologies that will promote sustainability and shape the future of the energy sector. Competition finalists will have opportunities to connect with investors and experts to unlock the knowledge, contacts, funding and support they need to scale their businesses and help drive change.
For NEC 2024, the organisers are seeking innovative proposals in two key areas:
  • Industrial energy and
  • battery storage for stationary applications.
New Energy Challenge 2023
Topic 1: Industrial energy
The energy industry is changing and there is a growing focus on the challenges and opportunities of industrial electrification and power demand flexibility. NEC 2024 is looking for solutions that are designed for industrial processes to enhance industrial demand-side flexibility and energy forecasting. This involves understanding the unique energy requirements of factories, manufacturing plants and other industrial facilities; particularly in:
  • solutions for opportunity evaluation of industrial electrification and demand flexibility;
  • industrial flex-technology ecosystems, with an emphasis on those that enhance demand-side flexibility and enable more effective integration of renewable energy sources into the grid;
  • AI-driven models and algorithms to help optimise energy consumption, reduce carbon emissions and contribute to the flexibility of the energy ecosystem;
  • fully electrified processes for producing fuel/energy carriers; and
  • electrical and thermal energy demand forecasting solutions that can accurately predict load demand and help industries to better plan energy usage and reduce operational costs.
Topic 2: Innovation in battery and energy storage for stationary applications
We are interested in electrochemical battery storage solutions and breakthrough thermal, mechanical and chemical energy storage solutions for stationary applications.
Li-ion stationary battery systems have been deployed for applications such as high-powered electric vehicle charging, trading of green electrons and time shifting of renewable power generation. Recent advances in stationary battery systems have increased system energy density, cycle life, and/or safety. These improvements represent an evolution in product performance, but we are looking for revolutionary solutions and novel approaches. New Energy Challenge is particularly interested in electrochemical battery storage solutions that:
  • enhance the capabilities of materials and components used in Li-ion stationary systems;
  • are based on different (non-Li-ion) chemistries (e.g., sodium, zinc, magnesium, calcium or other) or different system architectures (high-temperature, metal–air, redox flow or other); or
  • improve in-life estimation of Li-ion KPIs (e.g., state of charge, state of health) and lead to an accurate forecasting of remaining life, while being flexible enough to cope with different battery dispatching use case(s) during an asset’s lifetime. Solutions may be software-only, or software–hardware combinations.
The initial deadline for registration is May 10th 2024, the first selection will take place beginning of June 2024.


Calling social entrepreneurs with innovative, scalable, and impactful solutions! SOCAP Global Digital is seeking global social entrepreneurs with innovative, scalable, and impactful ideas for the 2024 SOCAP Fellowship. This Fellowship gives 20 selected social entrepreneurs access to SOCAP’s network of investors, donors, and changemakers and the chance to present their ventures to more than 2,000 attendees of the annual flagship event in San Francisco from October 28 to 30, 2024.
Participants of the program will receive the following:
  • One ticket to attend SOCAP24 in San Francisco from October 28-30, 2024
  • Accommodations in San Francisco for the duration of the conference (Sunday, October 27 to Thursday, October 31)
  • Presentation spotlight at SOCAP24
  • A Welcome Orientation webinar the week following the cohort’s selection
  • Facilitated virtual learning sessions on specific topics related to current challenges entrepreneurs are facing in the months leading up to the in-person event
  • Monthly virtual  “Happy Hour” calls for entrepreneurs to connect
  • Lex Mundi legal office hours to answer questions regarding business legal matters 
  • Curated investor matchmaking service provided by SOCAP’s partnership with Toniic
  • Blind email introductions to attending funders of SOCAP
  • Invitation to fellowship dinner in San Francisco on the eve of SOCAP24
  • Product booth space in SOCAP24’s marketplace showcase (available to a select group of entrepreneurs who sell a product that can be shipped to SOCAP)
Please note: At this time, any costs associated with air travel to/from San Francisco and/or obtaining a visa to enter the U.S. are not covered by this program. 
SOCAP 2024 Fellowship
The SOCAP24 Fellows must come from organizations that are:
  • For-Profit 
  • Late-seed- to Series A-stage 
  • Actively fundraising 
  • Direct service providers (those that are directly creating impact in the communities that they serve — accelerators, funds, and third-party organizations are not good fits for this program)
  • Legally incorporated and have been in operation for at least two years
  • Integrating impact as core to their business model
  • Introducing a truly unique, sustainable, and scalable solution to a challenging problem
  • Looking to raise between $150,000 and $2M USD
  • Generating annual revenues of at least $200,000 USD
Application Deadline: 17 May 2024


Y4C and its partners have launched the 2024 Call for Solutions!
Young people are increasingly acknowledged as vital contributors to transformative climate action, playing roles such as negotiators, innovators, inventors, entrepreneurs, and agents of change. However, they face a significant shortfall in essential technical, financial, and political resources and support needed to fulfill their aspirations.
In response, the Government of Italy and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), in collaboration with a range of knowledge partners and youth constituencies, have set out to identify, support and scale youth-led climate breakthroughs through the global Youth4Climate initiative.
Structured as an innovation challenge, this second edition of the Y4C Call for Solutions aims to support the work of young people and youth-led organisations in five thematic areas: Climate and Environment Literacy, Sustainable Energy, Food and Agriculture, Nature Assets, Sustainable Consumption and Production. 
Successful applicants will be awarded:
  • Up to US$ 30,000 to implement or scale the proposed innovations. 
  • The possibility to access technical support to strengthen their capacity on specific topics. 
  • The support from a mentor to develop their proposal. 
  • Storytelling opportunities during next events of the Youth4Climate initiative and through the Youth4Climate Platform and Website of UNDP and its partners.
Proposals, if successful, can be implemented over a maximum of 24 months. Proposals can be submitted in English, French or Spanish.
Applications closes on 26 May 2024

The Global Bridging Fund 2024

The Bridge International is a non-profit organization that works as an online crowdfunding platform for social entrepreneurs in Asia and Africa. Bridge International aims to support local entrepreneurs to be self-reliant and financially sustainable in their operations while they create social impact within the community. Applications for the recruiting program Global Bridging Fund (GBF) are open. Selected partners will benefit from seed funds up to US$5,000 as a 0% interest loan, connections to other social enterprises, and potential partnerships with global institutions and corporations.
The Global Bridging Fund 2024
image : The Bridge International
TBI is a global platform empowers local entrepreneur’s self-reliance through crowdfunding campaign for coexistence and inclusive growth. Futhermore, TBI partners strategic and cost-effective businesses with an established network of local governments, research institutes, universities, and private enterprises.

To apply for crowdfunding campaign with TBI, an organization must be at least;
  •  Must be based in Asian or African countries  
  •  Must be a legally registered organization with at least 1 year of operations
  •  Must be working in line with at least 3 categories of the The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
Applications closes on 28 May 2024


The ASEAN Blue Innovation Challenge represents a unique initiative aimed at fostering the development of the blue economy in ASEAN countries and Timor-Leste. It seeks to identify, finance, and support innovative solutions geared towards the conservation and sustainable management of marine ecosystems, coastal areas, and freshwater resources. In addition to providing financial support, it facilitates connections between innovators and potential stakeholders, including investors and business entities.
ASEAN Blue Innovation Challenge 2024
Selected awardees receive US$40 thousand to pilot their innovations
Applications closes on 31 May 2024

Climate Impact Innovations Challenge 2024 

The Climate Impact Innovations Challenge (CIIC) stands as Indonesia’s premier competition for climate technology innovations. Launched in 2023, CIIC offers an unparalleled stage for technology innovators to unveil their sustainable solutions aimed at tackling ecological challenges and reducing the effects of climate change.
In 2024, CIIC is set to elevate this mission by inviting teams to compete across three pivotal tracks—Energy Transition, Sustainable Agriculture, and Circular Economy. A substantial prize pool of Rp 10 billion awaits, providing the winning teams with an opportunity to pilot their solutions across Indonesia.
Climate Impact Innovations Challenge 2024
Applicant Eligibility Criteria:
Innovation & Originality: Your team must bring an original and innovative proposal to the table, showcasing a solution that stands out for its ingenuity.
Impactful Solutions: We’re looking for proposals that offer meaningful solutions to critical issues in at least one of the following tracks: Energy Transition, Sustainable Agriculture, and Circular Economy.
Feasibility & Scalability: Your solution should not only be feasible for rapid adoption but also demonstrate potential for large-scale impact.
Commercial Viability: Proposals should have a clear path to commercialization, targeting a significant market size to ensure sustainability and growth.
Stage of Development: Eligible teams must have developed at least a prototype or a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with a clear intention for commercialization.
CIIC 2024 is more than a competition; it’s a launchpad for the next generation of green tech innovators ready to make a substantial impact on Indonesia’s climate resilience. If your team is poised to lead the charge in sustainable technology, we invite you to apply and help shape a greener future for all.
Application Deadline: 4 June 2024


The Resilient, Inclusive and Sustainable Environments (RISE) grants challenge is a first-of-its-kind grant fund that supports activities designed to address gender-based violence and environmental linkages in environmental and climate-related programmes and generate evidence on promising interventions. The Resilient, Inclusive and Sustainable Environments (RISE) grants Challenge is now open for proposals to address gender-based violence and environment linkages 2024.
A new cohort of RISE grantees will join the four previous cohorts, growing a community of practice and contributing to critical knowledge and strategies toward meeting interlinked global goals of eradicating gender-based violence and securing a healthy and peaceful planet.
Resilient, Inclusive and Sustainable Environments (RISE) grants challenge 2024
RICE Grant challenge 2024
RISE is open to legally registered local, national, regional or international organisations, including but not limited to:
  • Local and International non-governmental organisations (NGOs/ INGOs)
  • Intergovernmental organisations (IGOs)
  • Community-based organisations (CBOs)
  • Civil Society organisations (CSOs)
  • Indigenous Peoples’ Organisations (IPOs)
  • Universities and other academic institutions
  • Research institutes and think tanks
  • Private sector companies (International, regional, national, local)
Application Deadline: 7 June 2024


Are you a woman founder developing solutions to combat climate change in Brunei Darussalam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam? Apply now for the 𝐔𝐍 𝐖𝐨𝐦𝐞𝐧 𝐂𝐥𝐢𝐦𝐚𝐭𝐞 𝐓𝐞𝐜𝐡 𝐄𝐧𝐭𝐫𝐞𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐧𝐞𝐮𝐫𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐩 𝐀𝐜𝐜𝐞𝐥𝐞𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐨𝐫 𝐏𝐫𝐨𝐠𝐫𝐚𝐦!
UN Women Climate Tech Accelerator
This one-of-a-kind accelerator program provides comprehensive support and resources to turn high-potential women-led climate tech startups into high-growth, high-impact, gender-responsive enterprises that are investor and market-ready.
The programme is seeking to find a diverse cohort of female entrepreneurs that are spurring technological innovation to address persistent challenges to climate change in South-East Asian countries within the ASEAN* region whilst offering more opportunities for women in the blue and green economy.
CIIC 2024 is more than a competition; it’s a launchpad for the next generation of green tech innovators ready to make a substantial impact on Indonesia’s climate resilience. If your team is poised to lead the charge in sustainable technology, we invite you to apply and help shape a greener future for all.
Application Deadline: 21 June 2024

Zayed Sustainability Prize 2024 

Since 2008, the Zayed Sustainability Prize has been empowering global changemakers, recognising their innovative sustainability solutions and amplifying their transformative impact.
This year, We are now open for submissions! Small and medium enterprises, nonprofit organisations, and high schools with solutions in health, food, energy, water, and climate change are invited to apply to the  Zayed Sustainability Prize. 
Small to medium enterprises (SMEs), nonprofit organisations (NPOs) and high schools across the US, Europe & Central Asia, MENA, Africa, and APAC with sustainable solutions are invited to submit an entry for consideration in one of the six categories of Heath, Food, Energy, Water, Climate Action and Global High Schools.
Winner will be announced at an Awards Ceremony during the 202 Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week ( ADSW)
Application Deadline: 23 June 2024


Global Innovation Fund provides funds for innovation or projects that can address important development problems. The Global Innovation Fund (GIF) is renowned for its commitment to funding innovative solutions and projects that are poised to address significant development challenges. GIF is dedicated to identifying and supporting innovations that have the potential to significantly improve the lives of millions living in poverty.
GIF holds the belief that groundbreaking solutions capable of addressing development problems more efficiently than existing approaches can originate from any individual, anywhere in the world. This perspective underpins its approach to sourcing and supporting innovative ideas.
As such, GIF welcomes applications from all sectors within any developing country. The fund is accessible to a wide range of organizations, including social enterprises, for-profit companies, non-profit organizations, government agencies, international organizations, and research institutions from any country. It is advised that individual innovators, entrepreneurs, or researchers seek to apply through an organization with which they are affiliated.
As such, GIF welcomes applications from all sectors within any developing country. The fund is accessible to a wide range of organizations, including social enterprises, for-profit companies, non-profit organizations, government agencies, international organizations, and research institutions from any country. It is advised that individual innovators, entrepreneurs, or researchers seek to apply through an organization with which they are affiliated.

Pioneer Facility, powered by Nexus for Development 

Nexus for Development offers an impact fund for SMEs engaged in low-carbon, clean water, energy, and waste management projects in Asia. Eligible and scalable SMEs can apply for up to $500,000 in debt financing through the Pioneer Facility fund.  
To be eligible for the Pioneer Facility loan, your social enterprise must meet all the following requirements:
1. Services and Technology
Offer solutions/ technologies in clean water, energy, sanitation, waste management, sustainable agriculture; examples include but not limited to clean cooking, solar, biogas digesters, water purification, waste-to-energy, biochar
2. Geography
Operating in Southeast Asia
3. Impact
Directly benefit low-income and underserved communities, able to demonstrate social, environmental as well as gender lens impact
4. Business Stage
Revenue generating, growth phase with a clear business plan, a track record of 2+ years and ready to scale
Applications are reviewed year round, The DD process will take approximately 2-3 months depending on the size of the loan request.

Southeast Asian Ocean Impact Film Grant 

Calling all Southeast Asian filmmakers! Applications are now open for our newly launched Southeast Asian Ocean Impact Film Grant!
Embracing the transformative power of storytelling to heighten awareness and spur action for ocean preservation, Coastal Natives has established a dedicated fund to support impactful ocean narratives. This grant, offering up to USD 10,000, is available to both emerging and established filmmakers with a deep commitment to environmental conservation. It’s an opportunity to delve into the rich tapestry of the region’s cultures, ecosystems, and the vital link between humanity and the ocean.
Simply refer to Coastal Native’s application pack for instructions and we will get back to you with feedback. Be prepared to share your story concept, visual treatment and how your film aims to make a meaningful impact. Shortlisted applications will be reviewed by a panel of experts in filmmaking, film distribution and marine conservation. The selected filmmakers will not only receive financial support, but also mentorship and a chance to showcase your work at top-notch film festivals.
Applications are reviewed year round.
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