Mask Distribution Drive with Switch India and Mask for India

Mask Distribution Drive India (Image Credit : Switch India/MaskForIndia)
Switch India, in collaboration with Mask For India, launched Mask Distribution Drive for the underprivileged people of the country. 
While we huddle up in the safety of our homes and secured employment via remote working, we shouldn’t forget about the vulnerable and underprivileged segments of society. For many others who live from pay-check to pay-check, it is impossible to prioritise hygiene and additional resources (i.e. such as masks to keep safe. 

Mask Distribution Drive in Jammu and Khasmir

Access to cotton reusable masks provides employment to fight Covid-19. 
Switch India, in collaboration with Maskfor India has been running Mask Distribution Drive in Jammu and Khasmir.  Til date, at least
  • 1,235 masks have been distributed in Sunim, Pattan area of district Baramulla and
  • 2,115 masks in Magam area of district Budgam. 
The mask distribution drives across India are still going and they are open for donation and supports. Find out more information here


MaskForIndia is working towards providing free, reusable cloth masks to all indians to prevent the spread of Covid-19 at large and provide livelihood opportunities to fight economic losses due to Covid-19 crisis with dignity. 
In just three weeks, MaskForIndia has raised more than Rs.4,50,000 through their crowdfunding efforts. MaskForIndia is distributing more than 20,000 masks in 6 cities mainly Mumbai. Pune, Nagpur, Delhi, Surat and Chennai. Many more efforts are in the pipeline. 
MaskForIndia strives to provide every Indian with a mask. These are cotton, reusable ones produced by local vendors, who in these tough times of unemployment leverage livelihood out of this initiative and enable the needy with masks. 


Switch India is a healthcare organization run by medical and paramedical students and personnel from across the country, with a common goal : to take modern medicine deep into the interiors of the country and do their bit in making healthcare more accessible and to all sections of the population. To change the face of healthcare in India. 
Founded in 2016, Switch India started with a health camp in a small village screening around 70 patients. Today, they have branched into initiatives for physical fitness and mental health; conducted dozens of health camps and awareness campaigns in urban and rural areas; and collaborated with various organizations to conduct medical workshops, seminars and educational field visits. 
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