Join EU Social DigiThon 2021 To Tackle Cyberbullying towards Children

Tackle cyberbullying towards children
It’s your chance to collaborate with like-minded individuals to design and prototype solutions for cyber bullying.
During the COVID-19 pandemic, there is an increase in children and youths using digital platforms. Not only for personal use, they’re using digital platforms for educational purposes. With the increased usage of smart phones and social media, students who are prone to bullying are likely to cyberbully.
Children and youths are forced to endure pressure from peers at any given hour of the day—often without even knowing the identity of bully. The prevalence of digital devices has created a pressing health problem for the world’s youth that’s not limited to school grounds. For this reason, the Delegation of the European Union (EU) to Indonesia launched the EU Social DigiThon 2021 competition today, with the theme “Tackling Cyberbullying towards Children”.


EU Social Digithon 2021 : Tackling Cyberbullying Towards Children

The second edition of the EU Social DigiThon is organised in collaboration with the Association of Internet of Things Indonesia (ASIOTI), the Indonesian Cybercrime Combat Center (IC4), Semai Jiwa Amini (SEJIWA) Foundation, and Association of Clinical Psychologist Indonesia (IPK Indonesia). The EU Social DigiThon encourages young Indonesian innovators to develop creative, technological-based solutions to help tackle cyberbullying towards children.
The EU Social DigiThon 2021 will be part of a series of EU4HumanRights ‘Celebrating Human Rights Day2021’, and is designed to serve the following objectives : 
  1. Encouraging young Indonesian talents to develop creative and critical thinking to tackle the increasing case of cyberbullying, predominantly in the time of pandemic, by offering technology-based solutions.
  2. Help building knowledge, familiarity, skills, and capabilities among the Indonesian youths related to the use of information and communication technology in Indonesia.
  3. Opening an opportunity for Indonesian creators to go through hands-on experience and real-life pilot/trial according to the issue.
  4. Igniting young Indonesian talents’ attention and higher concern about the protection of child’s rights.
  5. Increasing public trust and the credibility of homemade solutions.
  6. Strengthening the EU’s reputation as the subject-matter leader and a good partner to Indonesia.
This competition welcomes students from high schools, vocational schools, polytechnics, coding schools, members of technology community, program developers, technology-based start-up companies and business incubators, individually or in groups.
Participants are invited to submit proposals of their creative ideas. Ten finalists will then be selected to present their proposed solution in front of a Panel of Judges, consisting of the representatives from the EU Delegation to Indonesia and partners. The top three proposals will win a cash prize and have a chance to partake in a mentorship programme with a European expert in this field to further develop their ideas.


Registration period: 24 September – 29 October 2021
Knowledge sharing session: 2 October & 16 October 2021
2 October 2021 – Theme: “Cyberbullying: Increasing Threats among Children”
  • Representative from the European Union Delegation to Indonesia
  • Representative from SEJIWA Foundation
  • Moderator: IPK Indonesia
16 October 2021 – Theme: “IoT Potentials to Tackle Cyberbullying”
  • Representative from ASIOTI
  • Representative from Indonesian Cybercrime Combat Center (IC4)
  • Moderator: to be confirmed
Deadline to submit a proposal: 29 October 2021 at 11.59 PM
Shortlist of proposals and selection of 10 finalists: 1-10 November 2021
Presentation of 10 finalists’ proposals in front of the Panel of Judges: 11 & 12 November 2021
Winner announcement: 20 November 2021 (in commemoration of World Children’s Day)
Mentorship programme for 3 winners: November 2021
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