Donate Your Old Clothes : EcoTouch x KertaBumi Are Transforming Them Into Building Materials

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Your old, unwanted clothes can be turned into building materials.

An abundance of cheap clothes and short-lived fashion trends mean that most garments are thrown out after a few seasons, generating a million tonnes of landfill across the world each year, releasing toxic chemicals and greenhouse gases. Instead of winding up in landfill, used and unwanted clothes could be converted to solid building materials, from sound-absorbing to heat insulators inside floors, walls and ceilings.  


ECOTOUCH x Kertabumi recycling centre 

Ecotouch, together with KertaBumi Recycling Center, held a clothing recycling program!
You can send your unused clothes to EcoTouch ID x KertaBumi for recycling. EcoTouch ID x KertaBumi accept fabrics in all conditions, both in the form of torn clothes and patchwork. The collected clothes will be sorted and processed into sound-absorbing and thermal insulators. Want to know more exciting things from this campaign ? The 3 most clothes donors will get attractive prizes (Validity period: 1 October – 31 October 2021)


  1. Follow Instagram @ecotouch_id and @kertabumirecyclingcenter
  2. Comment on the post and invite 3 of your friends to donate
  3. organiser is accepting donations of used clothing and fabrics of the following types: cotton, wool, batik
  4. Accept donations of clothes and cloth in any condition (torn, patchwork, holes, etc.) but clean.
  5. The condition of used clothes and cloths is clean
  6. The metal parts, buttons, embroidery, and trash in the pockets have been removed
  7. Does not accept polyester, satin, linen, silk, underwear, knitted materials, brocade, PPE, and masks.
  8. EcoTouch x KertaBumi accept mukena and veils made from wool and cotton with condition that the metal, brocade and embroidery have been separated. 
  9. Packages that will be included in the giveaway program must be sent no later than October 31, 2021
  10. Please do not use plastic but cardboard when sending the packages.
  11. Packages are sent to:
AN Ecotouch x KertaBumi
Green Bay Tower Cendana Apartment Unit 02AE Jalan Pluit Karang Ayu Barat no.B1, RT.20 / RW 2, Pluit, Kec. Networking. North Jakarta DKI Jakarta 14450
For more information and queries, you may write to EcoTouch ID team 

ABOUT Kertabumi recycling centre 

KertaBumi Recycling Center is an Indonesia-based social enterprise that works toward waste recycling and sustainable living. Recycling products and urban farming kits are available in their online shop!
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