Inspiring Events In July : Climate Summit, Gender Equity And More

July 2021 Events
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Hello July and here’s our list of all the exciting things to do this month.
We’ve gathered a list of exciting, inspiring, and empowering to do both offline and online the month of July : 

Localize To Focalize campaign Kick Off By Unite 2030

Global change starts with local change ! Localize to Focalize campaign aims to raise awareness about the need for grassroots  movements all around the globe ! 
In this event, Alyssa Chassman, the founder of UNITE 2030, as well as experienced speakers who work on SDGs 5, 10, 13, 17 will share their insights on how each of us can start influence change within our own communities!
Localize to Focalize Campaign kickoff
image : Unite 2030
Join UNITE2030 and the launch of their brand new campaign called Localize to Focalize! Localize to Focalize Campaign  kick off campaign to pass on the know-how to our audience, so that we can all start influencing change within our own communities!
Date : June 30th 2021 
Time : 12 pm EST / 12 am SGT 
Topic : We the goalkeepers – Daily Activism and Us 
Location : online via zoom 

B Corp Global Climate Summit 

An inspirational three-day virtual summit to take climate action centered in people and justice is happening this week ! 
B Corp Climate Summit 2021
Join the global community of B Corps as we gather for an inspirational three-day virtual summit to take collective climate action centered in people and justice.
The summit is bringing together the global B Corp Climate Collective community to learn, advance, and accelerate our calls to action to address the climate emergency. This regionally inclusive and accessible Summit will feature global climate leaders and special guests from the front lines of change. B Corporations and practitioners deeply involved in climate actions will share their insights with you :
This three-day virtual Summit will: 
Center Climate Justice – We’ll evolve our collective understanding and practice of Climate Justice, and inspire all B Corps to commit to human-centered, justice-driven approaches to climate action. 
Build Trust & Community – We’ll advance the work of BCCC Action Groups and enable regional B Corp Climate Collectives to connect with context and connection to the global community. 
Catalyze Action & Build on Momentum – We’ll challenge attendees to go to their edge — equipping attendees for a collective journey to a zero carbon future. 
Equip ALL B Corps for Journey to Net Zero with justice at the center – We’ll inspire more B Corps to commit to Net Zero by 2030 ahead of COP26, anchored in Climate Justice.

Schedule Overview  

The Summit will cover : 
  • Day 1 – June 29th : Unified Global Summit Programming  – Two 2-hour webinars (webinar times are 2pm UTC June 29 & 12am UTC June 30) with similar content delivered to be accessible to different Global Partner regions, languages, and time zones. This day will also include breakouts and networking opportunities, and be focused on global context-setting, inspiration and engagement. You’ll hear from featured speakers on Net Zero by 2030, Climate Justice and a panel of speakers with lived expertise in Climate Justice.
  • Day 2 – June 30th : Regional Programming – Regionally-focused programming throughout the day with a wide range of lengths, styles, sessions, topics, and networking events for attendees to choose from in order to deepen their climate action and climate justice work. Sessions planned and hosted by B Lab Global Partners will include: B Lab Africa, B Lab Asia, B Lab Europe, Sistema B, B Lab UK, B Lab Australia & New Zealand, B Lab U.S. & Canada
  • Day 3 – July 1st : The Forum – A day of sessions hosted by companies and organizations throughout the global B Corp network who have come forward to share their work and expertise. Attendees will be able to choose from a wide range of content (e.g. panels, workshops, film screenings, etc.) to deepen your climate knowledge and practice, drawing on the deep knowledge within our own community.

Who Is Speaking ? 

The Summit will feature climate leaders from around the world, including many climate justice advocates with profound lived experiences who will inform the dialogues.
  • Gonzalo Muñoz Abogabir – UN High Level Champion for Climate Action at COP25; B Lab Global Board Member; Co-Founder of Sistema B Internacional
  • Mitzi Jonelle Tan – Youth Climate Activist based in Manila, Phillippines
  • Dr. Ellonda Williams – Director of Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, B Lab
  • Raj Aggarwal – President, Provoc (a Certified B Corp); Co-Founder, B Corp Climate Collective; Chair, Climate Justice Task Force of B Corp Climate Collective
  • TiQuoria Jackson – Environmental and Climate Justice Co-Chair, Howard County NAACP
  • Mark Cook – Education Committee Co-Chair, Elders Climate Action
  • David Chen – COO & Co-Founder, Golden Sunland
  • Gladys Kivati – Founder & Senior Consultant, Sustainable Business Consulting (Nairobi, Kenya)
  • Fátima González-Torres – Video Strategist and Regional Director, Ecosia
  • Marita Davies – Storyteller & Author, (Melbourne, Australia)
  • René Calpanchay – CEO Pueblos Originales SAS
  • Dan Egol – Executive Director, Inclusion NextWork
  • Justin Wright – CEO, Habitus (a Certified B Corp); Co-Founder, B Corp Climate Collective
  • Dan Osusky – Global Head of Standards & Insights, B Lab; Member, B Global Climate Task Force
  • Kim Coupounas – Co-Chair, B Global Climate Task Force; Global Ambassador, B Lab
  • Charmian Love – Co-Chair, B Global Climate Task Force; Co-Founder & Activist in Resident, B Lab UK
  • and more…. 
The Summit is FREE and open to ALL (B Corps and non-B Corps), no matter where you are on your climate journey!
The only requirement is that you are a member of the B Corp Climate Collective. Not a member of the B Corp Climate Collective yet? SIGN UP NOW!
More info about the summit, click here. 


BforPlanet is the platform for sustainability that will bring together people and organizations across the world to boost the SDGs profitably and find solutions to the biggest challenges facing humanity. 
B For Planet 2021
image : BforPlanet
BforPlanet is the platform for sustainability that will bring together people and organizations across the world to boost the SDGs profitably and find solutions to the biggest challenges facing humanity.
This first edition will take place in Barcelona (Montjuïc venue) and will be broadcast to the whole world through our digital platform so we can reach and connect all those unable to attend in person. This hybrid event, combining combining the physical event with a dedicated digital platform, allows for big ideas and strategies by worldwide leaders, within the Leadership Summit, as well as concrete solutions facilitating collaboration between stakeholders as well as showcasing projects and initiatives with the potential to change the world, through B for Planet’s Call for Startups and  Call for NextGenerationEU Candidates.


N.O.W. – not ordinary work – a festival of women is back !
N.O.W Festival Of Women 2021
image : T:> Work
Started its journey in 2019; This year the Festival OF Women will present more than 200 collaborators across different sectors from arts and culture to the social sector; enterprise, education to medical. The N.O.W. 2021 line-up explores different facets of the taboo, fear, intimacy and reclaims them as sources of power and inspiration. 
The Festival will present topics that are often less spoken about, seen or heard. Working with collaborators passionate about holding space for another, working alongside each other. Collaborating, negotiating, struggling, confronting and ultimately, always learning. The organiser, T :> Work consolidates what they learnt about the digital and power on in spite of the on-going changes.  


Join opening Night of Festival of Women: N.O.W. with The ‘F’ Word: Know Fear. Hosted by Noorlinah Mohamed with guest which also included the first of a 3-part conversation on FEAR: The ‘F’ Word. Hosted by N.O.W. Artistic Director Noorlinah Mohamed with guests, The ‘F’ Word: Fear Not unpacks the different perspectives and dispels myths through science, psychology as well as personal experiences of how real, and, necessary fear is.
Date : 13 July 2021
Time : 7 – 8.45 pm SGT 
Location : Online / Facebook livestream


It’s been a challenging year for all, especially for youth in navigating fast-changing world. More than ever, young people are more confused about their career path; even planning to put career or education on hold while they wait for the pandemic to be over. The Astronaut Collective (TAC)’s World X aims to inspire youth in Singapore to explore and discover the diversity of jobs across different worlds of work by bringing together diverse professionals, industries and career paths. 
World X 2021 is a virtual career exploration event for youths to discover the diversity of jobs across different worlds of work. World X is built on TAC’s concept of Worlds where jobs and careers are ways to contribute towards the world around us in meaningful ways, in addition to being a form of livelihood. This concept of Worlds offers a complementary overlay on top of more conventional classification of professions by industry and sector, showing youths that jobs from seemingly different fields can contribute to a common mission and purpose
World X By The Astronauts Collective
image : The Astronauts Collective
Date : July 14 – 17 2021
Time : 7 – 10.30 pm
Location : Online 

A Focus on Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fishing in ASEAN WEBINAR  

Grow Asia and GRI, supported by Global Compact Network Singapore invite you to join this interactive webinar to learn about the draft of the new GRI Sector Standard for Agriculture, Aquaculture, and Fishing, including an overview of the interaction between this Standard and the ASEAN Guidelines or Promoting Responsible Investment in Food, Agriculture and Forestry (ASEAN RAI).
Grow Asia Webinar : A Focus on Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fishing in ASEAN
Why does this matter?
The ASEAN region is a large producer and exporter of agricultural products. With a growing demand for food and raw materials, the agriculture, aquaculture, and fishing sectors are increasingly under scrutiny as stakeholders focus on their sustainable development impacts. The GRI Standards are the first and most widely adopted standards for sustainability reporting, and the new GRI Sector Standard for agriculture, aquaculture and fishing will be a tool to understand and publicly report on impacts specific to these sectors. Building on this, the ASEAN RAI provide guidance to making more inclusive and responsible investments in these sectors in the unique context of Southeast Asia.

Day / Date : Thursday, 15 July 2021

Time : 3.30 – 5 pm (GMT+8)

This session is an opportunity to discuss the accuracy of proposed GRI Standard in the Southeast Asian context, while building parallels with existing ASEAN-specific Guidelines like the ASEAN RAI. It will include 4 subgroup discussions, focused on specific topics:
  • Subgroup 1: Topics related to farming and fishing practices (food security, food safety, pesticides use, soil health, ecosystem conversion, animal welfare)
  • Subgroup 2: Impacts on use of land, resource rights and rights of communities (respecting land, forestry and fisheries tenure rights, due diligence/consultations, FPIC)
  • Subgroup 3: Environmental impacts (water, waste, food loss, climate change, GHGs)
  • Subgroup 4: Economic impacts and employment (living income, economic inclusion, employment, non-discrimination, gender issues, labour migration)
Please indicate which roundtable would you like to join upon registration.

CLIMATE RESILIENCE : Re-image A Sustainable Future   

In the backdrop of global pandemic and climate emergency, we will find out how our future leaders came up with innovative solutions to tackle societal and environmental challenges during the inaugural SDG Open Hack SG. What are the key drivers for them to re-imagine the future?

Join us and  re-imagine a sustainable future through the eyes of our future leaders.

GGEF Webinar Climate Resilience Poster
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