Indonesia’s Swap Energy Charges Ahead: Secures $22M in Series A Funding for EV Battery Innovation

Indonesian EV battery startup Swap Energy has raised US$22 million in a series A round led by Qiming Venture Partners, with GGV Capital and existing investor Ondine Capital also participating.
In a landmark move bolstering Indonesia’s electric vehicle (EV) landscape, the startup Swap Energy has successfully secured a US$22 million Series A funding round. This significant financial infusion, led by Qiming Venture Partners, marks a critical step forward in addressing the charging infrastructure challenges for electric two-wheel vehicles in Indonesia.


A Deep Dive Into Swap Energy’s Funding

The Series A funding round, a pivotal moment for Swap Energy, saw prominent investors like GGV Capital and existing backer Ondine Capital contributing alongside Qiming Venture Partners. The investment breakdown is as follows: Qiming Venture Partners at US$12 million, GGV Capital at US$8 million, and Ondine Capital at US$2 million. Following this injection of funds, reports that Swap Energy’s post-money valuation has skyrocketed to US$76 million, a substantial 64% increase from its US$46.2 million valuation in August 2023.
Founded in 2019, Swap Energy emerged as a solution to the pressing need for efficient charging infrastructure in Indonesia’s electric two-wheel vehicle sector. The startup has already established a robust network of over 1,300 swapping stations across Indonesia. It has forged partnerships with local EV brands such as Smoot and Minerva Electrons, significantly contributing to its growth trajectory. In April last year, the startup had already made headlines by raising US$7.2 million in a pre-series A1 round led by Ondine Capital.

Strategic Partnerships Fueling Expansion

Swap Energy’s strategy extends beyond mere infrastructure development. The company has strategically partnered with Grab, Southeast Asia’s leading super app, and Perusahaan Listrik Negara, Indonesia’s state-owned power company. These collaborations aim to develop an integrated electric vehicle ecosystem, further solidifying Swap Energy’s position in the market.
The Indonesian government, recognizing the potential of the EV sector, has taken proactive steps to encourage investment. In December 2023, it implemented significant policy changes, including the removal of import duties and luxury goods sales tax on assembled EVs. Additionally, the government introduced tax incentives for provincial governments, creating a more favorable environment for EV startups like Swap Energy.
Swap Energy’s Series A funding round not only underscores investor confidence in the Indonesian EV market but also highlights the growing importance of sustainable transportation solutions in the region. With its strategic partnerships and bolstered financial backing, Swap Energy is well-positioned to lead Indonesia’s charge into a greener, more electric future.

Lead image courtesy of Swap Energy. 

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