Have Yourself A Minimalist Christmas : The Key To Enjoy The Holiday Season More

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The holiday season can be stressful for most of us, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Find out how minimalist Christmas can help you enjoy the holiday season more  
Did you know that Christmas accounts for as much as 5.5% of our total annual carbon footprint. Running the whole gamut of topics from the Christmas tree to holiday cards to gift wrapping, the list is endless. The good news is, you still can enjoy the festive season without ruining the planet and your life.   

Christmas Chaos : Not Doing Things You Dont want to DO 

Christmas and holiday season are more often than not about consumption. Perfectly wrapped presents under a glittering , illuminated trees. Colourful crackers, sparkling tinsel, roast turkey perfecting in the oven and endless family gatherings to name a few.
If you are feeling irritated in the process and overwhelmed with all the Christmas chaos , consider bringing some sense of minimalism. More stress leaves less room for joy. 

Minimalist Christmas : Finding A Joy in Simplicity   

Moving away from the materialistic stigma that society has constructed around Christmas may feel awkward in the beginning. But imagine stress-free Christmas and holiday season full of quality time and doing the things you want. It’s a minimalist Christmas.
Minimalism is about intentionality and alignment. Evaluating and deciding what ‘enough’ means to you and then align your holiday season accordingly. It is all about simple, meaningful and intentional living. It is about being intentional. 
By being intentional  with your time,  money, energy, and mindset, you can enjoy the holiday season more. Have an honest conversation with your immediate family and loved ones on what minimalism approach you want take collectively. There are many ways to mindfully enjoy holiday season. After all, spending time with the people we love is all that really matters. 
So, is this the year you try a minimalist approach ? Share your tips and experiences in comment section below 
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