GreenFest By Hysan 2020 : Close The Loop is happening on 28th and 29th November

GreenFest 2020 : Close The Loop (image credit : Green Fest 2020by Hysan)
GreenFest by Hysan is an annual event to engage and inspire our new generations to take positive action towards a more sustainable future. 
The GreenFest 2020 theme is to “Close the Loop” – finding innovative and creative solutions for individuals and industries to pave the way towards a circular economy.

Close The Loop

A circular economy focuses on redesigning and reimagining our current systems to make the most out of our precious resources and eliminate the very concept of waste. 
With climate change rapidly approaching, the need to reinvent societal norms and individual actions has now become vital to our survival on this planet, there has never been amore urgent call to action for humanity than now. A circular economy focuses on redesigning and reimagining our current systems to make the most out of our precious resources and eliminate the very concept of waste.
This two-day immersive and hands-on experience will bring together students from across Hong Kong to explore ways to rethink our systems such as food and agriculture, architecture and design, energy, technology, transportation, and fashion to be more circular and less wasteful.

GreenFest 2020 Programme 

The weekend’s activities are aligned with some of the most pressing issues affecting our environment and provide participants with expert insight and a hands-on opportunity to rethink how we currently design, create, consume, and dispose of our waste.
Through a series of workshops, demonstrations, and talks, youth will dig into the issues surrounding our most wasteful and destructive industries while exploring solutions and innovations to reinvent our current systems and create with intention for a more sustainable and circular future.
Check out  the programme for the inspiring panel talks and interactive workshops : 
Tickets cost HKD 80 per pax for the full weekend event.
Each ticket entitles you to attend all panel discussions in the morning and afternoon workshops.
This is an online event. Please follow the link below to register.
For more information, You can send your  questions by emailing them directly :
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