GREENTECH FESTIVAL Singapore : 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Miss It

Green Tech Festival Singapore 2022
Still deciding if you should check it out? Hence, here are the top 5 reasons on why you should attend Green Tech Festival Singapore 2022!
Greentech Festival is a global platform that aims to foster innovative green technologies for a sustainable future and welcomed 200 exhibitors and over 13,000 visitors in Berlin. For its first Singapore edition, GTF will host a smaller spin-off event which preserves some essential elements of the festival: the Green Awards, the GTF Conference and the GTF Exhibition. 
Hence, there will be something for everyone and all interests, all packaged in one of the most sustainable and beautiful venues in the world. The event will take place 17-18 November, will be held at the Gardens by the Bay! Still deciding if you should check it out? Here are the top 5 reasons on why you should attend Greentech Festival (GTF) Singapore 2022!


1. They are really really serious about sustainability

We kid you not, this event “talks the talk and walks the walk“. Here’s how they make sustainability a core element of the event:

"Our Singapore edition will focus on sustainable city planning and green building technologies. This area is were we feel Singapore is already pathing the way for the Asian nations. The GTF team is fully committed to bring the show to Singapore and establish and equally important show in Asia. GTF shows a long-term commitment in each region of the world. With our editions in Berlin, New York City and London we feel Singapore is very important to mark on the map for GTF.

2. Sustainable Start-up Slam With Nico Rosberg

A former gas-guzzling F1 champion is now an eco warrior, involved in a number of environmental projects, including co-founding the Green Tech Festival with Marco Voigt and Sven KRÜGER. A kicking off ceremony for the morning stage program will be officiated by Nico Rosberg on November 18. 

I am very excited to move to Singapore. It's a very memorable destination of my F1 career and I won the price of Singapore. Now it's time for us to support Singapore and celebrate change for this metropolis in Asia. The GREENTECH FESTIVAL is fully committed to show the best innovations and technologies as well as bringing some of our partners like Audi, Lufthansa or Siemens to Singapore.

3. Your ticket is on us !

Did we forget to mention that Changemakr Asia is an official community partner of The Green Tech Festival Singapore? There is, however, a limited number of them. So what are you waiting for? Click here to claim yours !

4. Support Sustainable Heroes in Singapore

Furthermore, GreenTech Festival serves as a platform to help you connect with businesses they didn’t even know existed in Singapore! Similarly, these businesses all have one main goal in mind – Sustainability. Therefore by attending this festival, you are supporting both local and our planet! You can check out all the businesses that will be there by visiting GreenTech Festival Singapore’s website.
Startups and businesses in the area of sustainability can also take part in GREEN TECH FESTIVAL Bootcamp sessions, which will bring together ideas, innovations, companies, and organizations that will help make a difference in this world. With the storyline ‘Tear down, rethink, rebuild : creating a sustainable world!‘, the festival invites all those who stand behind inclusive, sustainable, and ethical values to join the conversation and be ready to take on the challenges. 

5. There’s something for everyone

If you are wondering if there are activities for you to do, fret not!
There will be a variety of interesting topics around Green Technology at the festival this year, including Green Business, Sustainable Lifestyle, Green Building Technologies, and Working.
As part of the conference program, the GTF EXHIBITION will showcase sustainable products, technologies, and solutions. Discover innovative green technologies that demonstrate how sustainability can be conceptualized and realized in fascinating ways, from some of the biggest players in the field to emerging start-ups.
The festival also welcomes students to explore new products and businesses during the festival.
With all these reasons, we don’t see why you should miss GREENTECH FESTIVAL SINGAPORE 2022!