Food, Education & Shelter : John’s Way of Rehabilitating Street Children

street children & homelessness
Since pandemic 2020, John rescues & serves over 120 street children in Mumbai. 
With the help of local church going young boys, John started cooking for street children and homeless people in the area of Bhandup West Mumbai Maharashtra, India. He started this program with a twofold aim: to build an organisation that would find ways of bringing street children into the mainstream by taking care of them, providing them with resources and helping them stand on their own feet,  while simultaneously getting society to understand and respect them.


Children Homelessness In India

India’s child homelessness problem is well recognized, but few know why these numbers are so high and the consequences. To better understand the epidemic of child homelessness in India, we must first understand the factors contributing to it. The majority of children living on the streets of India are escaping abuse. India’s child abuse rate is among the highest in the world. According to a study conducted in 2020, 37% of the Indian population is under 18. Approximately 53% of these children reported experiencing abuse in some form. Many children in India already lack access to proper nutrition, education, and medical services. Combined with family violence, these conditions drive children away from home and onto the streets of large nearby cities in search of better opportunities. 
Today, John’s program thrives on donations from the public. The funds are located for the following: 

1) alternate days Milk and Kellogg Nutrition Cereal program for Children,
2) Grocery kit distribution for needful widows family and daily wage laborers.
3) English Education program for needful children
4) Education aid for needful children.
5) Health and medical camp for children and their parents in needful schools at tribal places and slums.
6) Sunday lunch program for daily wage laborers’ families.
7) Diwali, Christmas, and Summer Fun activities Camp for children of daily wage laborers in need.
To know more about John’s work and support this initiative, send an email to You can also donate to John’s fundraiser to the following details: 
Name: John Benjamin Nadar
A/C no : 6819085438
Bank name: Indian Bank, Bhandup West Branch
Micr code: 400019054
IFSC code: IDIB000B102
Gpay : 9819647946..