#FeastLocalGiveLocal : Fugee Partners With Local Businesses For Social Cause

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A movement to support local businesses for a social cause. 
Fugee, a refugee-led non profit organisation, has launched a one-of-a-kind fundraising campaign, – #feastLocalGiveLocal – supporting food and beverage businesses and vulnerable communities in Malaysia 

#FeastLocalGiveLocal Campaign 

Under the banner #FeastLocalGiveLocal, Fugee aims to both spotlight struggling businesses all the while educating refugees and helping B40 communities. Any F&B services – from cafes, restaurants, food trucks tp bars and pubs – are invited to join hands in this movement to oil the cycle of the rakyat support system and forge a strong social and economic fabric of Malaysia. With the campaign we hope to help people remember your shared humanity, to understand that even though we’re fighting different battles in a global crisis, national unity will save our society from crumbling. 
The campaign was launched over instagram on Thursday, the 5th November with the leading partners  being two renowned bars int he heart of the city, Pisco and Concubine. From the first week of December, Fugee is proud to have launched a garden variety of partners : Frangipaani, RAGE and DOME Cafe on board the campaign. All of them came with their popular dishes and beverages with 10% donated to support communities in need. 

More F&B Partners Join Campaign

The latest partners joining the movement are KindKones and WOP Pizzeria.
The process is based on strategic partnership, where the F&B partner selects their signature product to bundle with Fugee and determine the percentage of proceeds from each purchase of the product that will go to Fugee. 
The campaign is expected to continue in the new year and expand with more F&B businesses of all sizes and tastes to contribute to a unified movement. 


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Fugee organisation campaigns equality and access by and with refugees to bridge learning gaps and nurture self-reliance to build truly inclusive society. Fugee School is an integral part of the organisation, encouraging students to realise their full potential & value by equipping them with the right academic, creative and life skills in an environment free from discrimination and  exclusion. They know that education in the key that can open doors to a brighter future. 
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