Empowering Children To Be Future-Ready : Short Film By Fugee

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Unlock hope for refugee children with Fugee !
How is a learning center like Fugee School educating 200 refugee kids coping with the changing times? What are the highs and lows of the digital era we’re made to adapt to?

Empowering Children To be Future – Ready 

A short movie about a young refugee girl making her way through school through online learning. 
Watch, share & take action by donating to create a long-lasting impact for over 200 children. No amount is too big or too small to #connecttheunconnected . 

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world



Digital divides appears at every level of education whether it is something as simple as needing a webcam or something more critical like Internet access and a computer. The issue is most pronounced among refugees.
Refugee students, in particular, are not toting smart laptops, own a stable broadband connection or have full-time supervision at home. With myriad social hurdles refugee communities face – especially peaking in the pandemic – schools have an extra responsibility to maintain connections with parents to forge a supportive learning environment at home.
The digital divide problem in education isn’t new, but it is amplified by the pandemic and long-term school closures. Physical learning provide a structure, respite, and shelter in ways that digital learning never can. This is the very reason why Fugee launched a campaign to #connecttheunconnected, a movement to enrich the virtual learning experience for every student. Read more about the campaign here


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Fugee organisation campaigns equality and access by and with refugees to bridge learning gaps and nurture self-reliance to build truly inclusive society. Fugee School is an integral part of the organisation, encouraging students to realise their full potential & value by equipping them with the right academic, creative and life skills in an environment free from discrimination and  exclusion. They know that education is the key that can open doors to a brighter future. 
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