Two Days To Earth Hour 2021 : Switch Off The Lights And Speak Up For Nature

Earth hour 2021
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Are you ready to join Earth hour 2021 ? Let’s switch off for nature loss and climate change and #connect2earth !
Since 2007, millions of people worldwide have annually celebrated what is now known as Earth Hour as a way to symbolise our awareness to environmental issue and especially energy consumption. This year, the pandemic has affected people all over the world in more ways than one, thus prompting the campaign to run differently.

Introducing The First Ever “Earth Hour Spotlight” ! 

Every year we see buildings, streets, landmarks and homes all over the world embrace darkness for an hour. This year will be no different, except for the addition of one more thing, we would like to invite you to raise more awareness online to further highlight the issues we are currently facing in our environment.
To achieve this, the Earth Hour social media pages—specifically Instagram, Twitter and Facebook—will post a short video that will highlight helping others and create momentum for the UN’s biodiversity conference that will be held later this year, truly something you simply can’t miss! From there, you can spread the word however you see fit; Tweet about it, comment on it, tag and share it to your friends, family and colleagues! There’s really no limit to spreading awareness.
We encourage you to take part on this with the end-goal of making it the watched video on March 27thand beyond (hopefully)! So, keep your eyes on the Earth Hour Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages for more info as well as follow them to stay updated! You can also visit their website where they go deeper on what the campaign is all about on Earth Hour 2021 – What’s new this year?

IT’s Time To Act : Petition For Change  

We need to secure an international commitment from world leaders to spot and reverse the loss of nature by 2030 – a New Deal for Nature and People. 
2021 can be the crucial turning point, with world leaders coming together later this year for major United Nations Conferences on nature, biodiversity, and the climate. 
Add your voice and sign  “Voice for the Planet” petition to let world leaders know that you care about nature and that you demand urgent political action to protect our planet.
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