Coldplay’s Asia Tour Dates: A Chance for Sustainable Music Fans to Rock Out

sustainable music concert
Coldplay’s Asia tour dates announced and we can’t keep calm wondering  how sustainable and low-carbon would it be ? 
It’s no secret that music concerts generate a significant amount of waste. From plastic cups to food containers and even discarded merchandise, the environmental impact of music concerts can be staggering. However, one band is leading the way in revolutionizing the industry and creating more sustainable events. That band is Coldplay.


Waste Not: How Coldplay is Revolutionizing the Music Concert Industry

Over the past few years, Coldplay has been taking steps to reduce waste and promote sustainability at their concerts. For example, during their 2016 tour, the band partnered with the charity, Energy Revolution, to power their concerts with renewable energy. This included using solar panels to power the stages and generators fueled by recycled vegetable oil to power the backstage area.
In addition to using renewable energy, Coldplay has also implemented a number of other eco-friendly initiatives. For instance, they’ve reduced the amount of plastic waste generated at their concerts by introducing reusable cups and water bottles for fans to use. They’ve also made sure that all of their merchandise is made from sustainable materials, such as organic cotton, and that any leftover merchandise is donated to charity.
Coldplay fans participating in the kinetic dance floor | CREDIT: RICK SCUTERI/INVISION/AP/SHUTTERSTOCK
But what makes Coldplay’s efforts truly unique is their commitment to transparency. The band has been keeping track of the carbon footprint of their concerts and has made this information publicly available on their website. This includes data on the energy used to power the concerts, as well as the amount of waste generated and recycled.
This commitment to sustainability has not gone unnoticed. In fact, Coldplay was recently recognized as the “Greenest Touring Act” at the 2019 Billboard Touring Awards. This award is a testament to the band’s dedication to reducing their environmental impact and promoting sustainability in the music industry.
For their tour, Coldplay are putting the environment first, guided by three key principles:
  • Reduce, including by cutting tour carbon emissions by 50%;
  • Reinvent, including supporting new green technologies;
  • and Restore, by funding nature- and technology-based sustainability projects.
Ball Aluminum Cup to reduce the waste impact of the Music Of The Spheres World Tour. Made from 90% recycled material, these cups can be refilled and recycled infinitely to replace thousands of single-use plastic cups [image : Coldplay / Twitter]

Revolutionizing the Music Concert Industry

So, what can other music acts learn from Coldplay’s example? For starters, they can make a concerted effort to reduce their waste and promote sustainability at their concerts. This can include using renewable energy, introducing reusable cups and bottles, and making sure that merchandise is made from sustainable materials.
But perhaps most importantly, other music acts can follow Coldplay’s lead in being transparent about their environmental impact. By making this information publicly available, Coldplay is holding themselves accountable and inspiring others to do the same. In doing so, they’re helping to create a more sustainable future for the music industry and the planet as a whole.
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