Celebrating The International Youth Day : Young leaders in Action

Youth Day 2022
Young people are an essential part of building a sustainable future. 
This year’s International Youth Day shines a spotlight on youth’s key role in creating a better future. It’s time to move toward a promising post-pandemic society with the voices of the next generation at the forefront.
The theme for International Youth Day 2022 is “Intergenerational solidarity: Creating a world for all ages”. The theme has been selected as a Global Report on Ageism launched by the United Nations in March 2021 highlighted that “young people continue to report age-related barriers in various spheres of their lives such as employment, political participation, health, and justice”.


Furthermore, the UN report said ageism impacts people in ways that prevent them from reaching their full potentials. UN believes “solidarity across generations” is key to sustainable development, so this year’s International Youth Day is dedicated to ageism and its related issues.

Intergenerational Action To Recover Better Future For All

Intergenerational Solidarity:  Creating a World for All Ages” — reminds us of a basic truth:  we need people of all ages, young and old alike, to join forces to build a better world for all. Too often, ageism, bias, and discrimination stand in the way of this necessary collaboration. We all lose when young people are excluded from making decisions about their lives or when older people are denied the opportunity to be heard. As our world faces a series of challenges threatening our collective future, solidarity and collaboration are more important than ever. From COVID-19 to climate change, conflicts, poverty, inequality, and discrimination, we need all hands on deck to achieve the SDGs and build the better, more peaceful future we all desire.
Massive investments in education and skill development are needed to support young people, including at next month’s Transforming Education Summit. We must also promote gender equality and increase opportunities for young people to participate in civic and political life.
Listening to young people is not enough. We must include them in local, national, and international decision-making processes. In addition, we must ensure that older generations have access to social protection and have the opportunity to give back to their communities and share their decades of experience.
Let’s join hands on this important day to break down barriers, and work together to create a world that is more equitable, just, and inclusive.