Boost Your Food Waste Prevention Business Masterclass With Lightblue Consulting Programme

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Learn how you can reduce food waste, boost profitability, and make a difference. 
Food waste is a global problem that, apart from generating environmental, social and economic problems, also raises ethical challenges, as 9% of the world’s population suffers from hunger. Given this situation, organisations and agents belonging to the agri-food chain need to highlight their food waste prevention and reduction programmes. A third of all food produced globally is wasted every year. This is enough to feed 3 billion people!


Lightblue Consulting Masterclass on Food Waste Prevention

With the climate bomb ticking, it is time to apply tangible solutions to food waste.
The PLEDGE™’s purpose is to be the most hands-on system for food service professionals eager to cut on food waste, save on cost, and be prepared for what will be the new “Business as Usual”.  Rather than being a class, this workshop is a TECHNICAL traineeship to get you started on your career as a Food Waste Consultant. Learn specific certification knowledge, along with robust methodologies, and actionable tools, so you can confidently guide YOUR customers through the certification process. Via this masterclass, you are not only answering the demand of a growing crowd of foodies with an increasing appetite for responsible dining options, you are creating your own responsible business too.

Course Module

The following topics will be discussed in this masterclass:
Module 1: Become intimate with The PLEDGE™ (1h).  
The following elements will be discussed: philosophy of the system, its structure, beneficiaries, online compliance platform, guidelines, auditor’s expectations and support tools and templates made available.
Module 2: Deep dive into the criteria (2h)
Detailed review of the 95 criteria articulated around 7 key pillars. Examples of evidence will be shown during the session, as well as indications of how to implement effective changes in the restaurant’s operations.
Module 3: Accompany your customers (3h) 
This module will be broken down into three parts:
a) How do you train your customers, reviewing how to prepare and run the kick-off workshop (info needed, location, material, participants), what material you should use, how do you execute and what should be the expected outcome.
b) How to guide them during the journey, in particular the “mid-term compliance check” (to assess advancement, advising and setting the deadline for project), the final mock-audit, and what tool you should use for each step.
c) How to communicate, to learn how to work with the MarCom team (and culinary team, BEFORE and AFTER the audit results are out (review of the toolbox, of existing touchpoints, and design of the Action Plan).
Module 4: Develop your market and Grow The PLEDGERS’ Community (3h) 
This session will cover some key points for promoting and marketing the PLEDGETM and for marketing yourself as a Food Waste Consultant. You can have the best tools and process in hands, but if you do not know how to attract and convince users, you will not grow your business. For this we will taking 2 different angles:
Direct sales:
  • Define your market and targets, based on your existing network
  • Promote the benefits of The PLEDGE™ and the value of your consulting support
  • Adapt your selling techniques to individual targets to increase your sales rate
  • Appropriate our commercial tools (the pitch deck, the online platform, the toolbox, case-studies, videos, FIT, etc.)
Soft sales:
  • Built new fruitful partnerships with the local ecosystem of food waste solution providers
  • Leverage on the possible bridges with University and academics (The PLEDGE™ open-source projects)
  • Share knowledge and resources through useful content marketing that you will share on social media (network effects)
lightblue Consulting good waste Prevention masterclass
This course is suitable for anyone looking for a comprehensive program that will help them acquire a new set of skills and tools to tackle food waste issues; such as  consultants in FnB, hospitality or sustainability, corporate sustainability officers, managers of food waste solution companies. 
Course begins on 6th September 2022. 
LightBlue Consulting is a UN-awarded (Best Small Business) Food Waste prevention tech and consultancy organization reconciling sustainability with business excellence. Since 2012, Lightblue Consulting has developed unique services and technologies to minimize food waste and boost sustainability of commercial kitchen operations.

The article was initially published on 24th August 2022. 

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