Bringing Second Life To Old Makeup and Cosmetics With The #BeautyEverAfter Campaign

beauty waste
#BeautyEverAfter campaign : putting all that expired makeup to good use. It’s an uncanny gateway into the zero-waste life, but it makes sense.
Despite efforts to reduce garbage accumulation, the problem persists in Indonesia. DKI Jakarta generated 40.44 tons of toxic and hazardous waste, including expired makeup, in 2021, according to the data obtained. Of course, this still needs special attention from various parties, including us makeup users, especially since facing the Covid-19 pandemic for almost two years. We are forced to adapt to changing habits, one of which is having to wear a mask wherever we go. Therefore, much-unused makeup becomes outdated. End, it ends up in the trash and become beauty waste.


What is the #BeautyEverAfter Campaign?

The #BeautyEverAfter campaign is a collaboration movement of Beautynesia, Gloria Elsa, and Rekosistem, which aims to increase public awareness to be more concerned about the environment by reducing dangerous beauty waste by donating expired or unused makeup, which will later be used to meet the needs of makeup in funeral parlors.
Following the #BeautyEverAfter campaign slogan, namely “Beauty for People in Need, Beauty for the Earth We Live,” this campaign is expected to create a positive impact to beautify the earth from environmental pollution and invite us to participate in helping funeral parlours beautify and provide dignity to the deceased. 
While expired beauty products are not good for living skin, they perform as they usually would on those who are deceased. Not every donation is practical though. 

Saving Hundreds of Kilos of beautywaste From Landfill

Via this campaign, a total of 295.5 kg of expired make-up was collected from 19 September to 19 October 2022! For every make-up that is donated, Rekosistem and donate it to morticians. In doing so, the campaign hoped to reduce the amount of landfill pollution caused by makeup waste as well as give it a second life. 
So what are you waiting for ? It’s time to get cleaning! If you’ve got old makeup that expired through the quarantine, ring up your local funeral parlors or morticians and give your cosmetics a second life. That’s better than having these cosmetics end up in a landfill. 
For more information, follow Instagram and @beautyeverafter.campaign or click here!
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