Be Part Of The Sustainable Wardrobe Study By The Fashion Pulpit and CDL

Inside Our Wardrobe Study The Fashion Pulpit
Inside Our Wardrobe : understand what we own, wear and keep. 
The Fashion Pulpit, in collaboration with City Development Limited (CDL), is conducting an important survey of fashion and style to deconstruct the common myth that we, as a consumer, must buy new clothing to enjoy and understand fashion and style.



Inside our Wardrobe Study will provide insights on the following :
• Diverse viewpoints on what we possess and wear
• Recognize the substance of our wardrobes and the continued usage of clothing (particularly when clothing connections are mainly disposable and disregarded as a result of trend-driven quick fashion)
• What sentimental values do we derive from the garments we own?
• How to improve our connection with clothing and fashion so that it is more intentional.
Inside Out Wardrobe Study by The Fashion Pulpit
The deadline for Inside Our Wardrobe has been extended until January 27th, 2022. 
This offers The Fashion Pulpit and CDL more opportunity to reach out to more wearers, particularly those who want to reorganize their wardrobes for the new year – now is the time to engage in the wardrobe exercise and take stock of what you possess, wear, and do not wear!  
P.S. The offer will also be extended till the end of January. Winners will be notified individually!
Your survey responses would contribute to a research report set to publish in Feb 2022. This report will serve as a consolidation and rationalisation of findings, to inform us of our existing relationship with clothes and fashion. 
If you think anyone else might be interested in participating, please share the sorbet with them. 


The Fashion Pulpit is a sustainability enterprise that aims to advance circular fashion through educating, swapping, upcycling, thrifting and repurposing globally! The Fashion Pulpit is a social enterprise that aims to promote environmental education and awareness in the field of fashion. The Fashion Pulpit  platform is open to the public, as we encourage consumers to extend the lifespan of fashion items and minimise textile waste. The Fashion Pulpit also conducts events around sustainability and style, empowering consumers to take charge of their consumption habits.

The article was initially published on 14th December 2021. 

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