Application Opens : Women in Ocean Food Innovation Studio 2022

Calling all women entrepreneurs in seafood : Join Ocean Food Innovation Studio 2022
Women in aquaculture form 50% of the seafood workforce globally and yet remain underrepresented in leadership throughout the industry.
3.3 billion people rely on seafood for protein, and when women are engaged in ocean food production, output increases by 10-20%. However, only 4% of CEOs in top seafood companies are women (WSI 2021). It’s time to bridge the female founder gap in the blue economy on a global scale.


Women In Ocean Food Innovation Studio 2022

Together with Conservation International Ventures, we launched the world’s first global Women in Aquaculture Innovation Studio in 2021 to bridge this gender gap. This year we organizing the program in-person in Bali, with a focus East & Southeast Asia.
By focusing on women entrepreneurs and diverse leadership teams, we aim to develop more successful and innovative companies in ocean foods. You will be part of a cohort of female leaders and diverse teams whose goals are to build a sustainable ocean economy.


The Women in Ocean Food Innovation Studio is an equity-free programme for you to develop your project’s commercial scalability, technological readiness, and industry fit. You will have the opportunity to connect with a global and network of aquaculture industry experts to validate your ideas, to understand key market insights, and learn to pitch to investors and customers.
A taste of what you will get: coaching, mentorship, business model  & value proposition development, building your minimum viable product, product testing, generating initial traction, legal advice, customer discovery, marketing, and fundraising.

Areas of Focus

  • Seaweed Value Chain Innovation & Improvement


    • Health

    • Genetics

    • Feed

    • Hardware & Software

  • Downstream Solutions

    • Seafood Processing

    • Upcycling Seafood Waste

    • Cold Chain Solutions

  • Conservation

    • Marine Conservation Technologies

    • Sustainable Fisheries

    • Regenerative Aquaculture

Who Should Apply

  • Female founders & diverse leadership teams
  • A researcher with a great idea
  • A project team looking for support and mentorship
  • A startup that wants to take things to the next level
  • Later stage companies seeking market & industry access
  • A company in an adjacent industry entering aquacultur
Hatch Blue and Conservation International Ventures LLC and  Konservasi Indonesia are placing a special focus on teams from Brunei, Cambodia, Hong Kong SAR, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, The Philippines, Timor-Leste, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam
Limited to 10 teams or projects
No Cost 
Application Deadline: 30 Sep 2022

The article was initially published on 20th September 2022.