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YOUTH CO:LAB Springboard Programme 2021 is here !
It is an exciting start of the year for the Springboard Programme of Youth Co:Lab, a business incubation platform for young entrepreneurs to turn Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) solutions into innovative businesses. After a challenging, but eventually very enlightening 2020, Youth Co:Lab cannot wait to continue the endeavors we initiated last year and to implement the lessons learnt along the way.
Youth Co:Lab Springboard Programme | ChangeMakr Asia
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The Youth Co:Lab Regional Springboard Programme

This is a follow up programme that provides a showcasing platform for young social entrepreneurs. The programme consists of mini-exercises that can draw the highlights of what you have achieved, mobilising the community to advance the SDGs together.
In 2021, Youth Co:Lab partners with Accelerating Asia to launch the Springboard Plus Programme, which aims to level-up on the connection and insights on resource mobilization for the SDGs.
The programme will have an emphasis on investment readiness. A focus that Accelerating Asia is particularly well-positioned to advice on as they have already supported the Springboard alumni to raise over US$2.74 million collectively to advance their ventures.
Furthermore, the team of Startup Support Coordinators and Citi business mentors will continue to bridge over 300 opportunities to support dedicated founders involved with the Springboard programme past and present on funding applications, mentorship connections and award nominations.
So what will you be up to in 2021? Are you also working on realizing and accelerating the SDGs? Youth Co:Lab is  always keen to feature your entrepreneurial journey, so be sure to send them your latest milestones via this link.

ABOUT Youth Co:Lab

Co-created in 2017 by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Citi Foundation, Youth Co:Lab aims to establish a common agenda for countries in the Asia-Pacific region to empower and invest in youth, so that they can accel­erate the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through leadership, social innovation and entre­preneurship. Read more about Youth Co:Lab here 
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