The 2023 EV Tech Asia Singapore Conference + Exhibition: Powering the Future of eMobility

The 2023 EV Tech Asia Singapore Conference + Exhibition: Powering the Future of eMobility
The one day conference & exhibition is the very place for EV enthusiasts to witness all the latest, the most innovative, the most future proofing solutions  from next generation cars, EV battery, EV powertrain, autonomous driving, charging solutions and more.
Singapore, 2023 – Imagine a future where the hum of internal combustion engines is a distant memory, replaced by the gentle whirr of electric vehicles (EVs). Such a future is closer than you think, and the EV Tech Asia Singapore Conference + Exhibition is ground zero for witnessing this electrifying transformation.


Asia’s Premier EV Destination

Regarded as the largest EV themed event in the world and the unequivocal titan in Southeast Asia, the conference brings together an unparalleled mix of innovators, decision-makers, and game-changers. With a staggering assembly of over 3000+ top-tier professionals, including CXOs, experts, and global leaders, this one-day extravaganza is the ultimate platform for immersive discussions, knowledge exchange, and innovation showcases in the realm of electric mobility.
From next-generation cars to state-of-the-art charging solutions, the event serves as a panorama of futuristic tech and innovations. With over 80+ new product unveilings and 100+ gripping sessions led by industry disruptors, attendees are in for an exhilarating ride. Key players from all corners of the EV spectrum – 30+ car manufacturers, 20+ battery companies, and 50+ charging station operators, to name a few, will converge to shape the trajectory of the global EV landscape.
Dive deep into Ballroom A’s event structure. Here’s a teaser: 
  • Asia EV Leadership Track: A deep-dive into Southeast Asia’s governmental strategies to supercharge the EV revolution. We’re talking about pushing boundaries with policies and incentives that fuel the EV deployment. 
  • EV Technology Innovation Track: Accelerate into the future with insights into the role of digital transformation in the automotive industry, the rising stars of EV manufacturing, and the merger of Bigdata with Autonomous EV technologies. 
  • EV Battery Innovation Track: From Asia’s role in the battery raw materials supply chain to the dawn of next-gen solid-state batteries, uncover the road to making Southeast Asia a global EV battery hub. 
  • EV Charging Infrastructure Track: Discover the trailblazers of charging infrastructure and the innovations set to supercharge the e-mobility landscape.
Highlighting just a few of the distinguished presenters:
  • Derek Tan from Singapore’s Land Transport Authority delves into the nation’s strategies and incentives promoting Electric Vehicle deployment.
  • Darwin Jocson of Mercedes-Benz Singapore provides insights on leveraging decentralized data for enterprises.
  • Phuah Beng Keat from Volvo Trucks offers a comprehensive look at optimizing fleet electrification.  
Meanwhile, Ballroom B is a must-attend for those keen on delving deep into the battery realm of eMobility. Get the golden opportunity to mingle with chief battery technologists from over 50 leading automotive OEMs and battery producers. These experts will not only share insights into their current developmental trends and projected battery demands but will also introduce you to their primary suppliers, who are ready to showcase their most recent innovations and the roadmaps they’ve crafted for the future.
Dive into the heart of key discussions on:
  • Materials and Components Innovations: The building blocks taking battery tech to the next level.
  • Battery Technologies Breakthrough: The latest and greatest in what powers our eMobility.
  • Advanced Battery Manufacturing: How the best batteries are being brought to life.
  • Adding Intelligence to the Battery Value Chain: Smart integrations that add value at every step.
  • NetZero, Sustainability & Second-Life: Exploring the green side of battery tech, and how old batteries find new purposes.
Don’t miss the Ballroom B keynote on the “Battery Raw Materials Supply Chain in Asia: Crafting a Resilient Supply Chain to Sidestep Raw Material Shortages.” It promises deep insights into how Asia can create a buffer against the challenges of raw material procurement.
So, gear up for a day brimming with insightful presentations, animated panel discussions, and groundbreaking revelations. As the wheels of the EV revolution churn faster, Singapore beckons you to be a part of history in the making. This isn’t just an event; it’s the future, charging at full speed.
Mark your calendars. The future awaits. Secure your spot here 
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