World Clean Energy Conference Indonesia 2022 : From Coal To Clean Energy

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The climate imperative to leapfrog from coal to clean energy is clear. 
The first annual renewable energy conference in Indonesia — took place in the first week of December 2022. Indonesian Government Officials from the Office of the Presidential Staff (KSP) opened the conference on the first day with Dr. Ahmad Agus Setiawan as Energy Expert. On the second day, the Ministry of Industry (KEMENPERIN) presented a unique topic, Nanotechnology to Improve the Energy Industry, which was a fresh innovation for the delegates. KADIN, PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN), and the National Standardization Agency (BSN) also sit on the Discussion Panel. As well as BAPPENAS and the National and Research Agency (BRIN) for presenting light energy (solar) in Indonesia.


Indonesia Clean Energy Summit 2022 

AgrogradeThe first World Clean Energy Conference Indonesia 2022 was successfully held on the first week of December 2022. During the two days event, C-Level Decision Makers, Energy Thought Leaders, Government Officials, Consultants, Project Owners, Investors, and Climate Change Advocates gathered to discuss strategic initiatives for the use of renewable energy (RE) sources as part of its low emissions development strategies in addressing climate change, energy security, and energy accessibility.
The following is a list of upcoming events in 2023 that you can take note of:
1. ASIA EV Leadership Summit – March 17 2023, Jakarta – Indonesia
2. World Clean Energy Summit Vietnam (Wind, Solar) – April 5-6, 2023, Vietnam
3. Solar + Storage Asia Conference – April 20, 2023. Bangkok, Thailand
4. Offshore Wind Summit APAC – June 28, 2023. Taipei
5. All Energy Philippines Conference/ Exhibition – August 16-17, 2023. Manila, Filipina
6. Australia Large Scale Solar + Wind Conference – September 13-14, 2023. Melbourne, Australia
7. Clean Energy Indonesia 2023 (All Energy) – November 22-23, 2023. Jakarta, Indonesia.
We look forward to seeing you next year, clean energy leaders!