Weaving Equality and Sustainability: Liberty Society’s Strategy for Inclusive Women’s Economic and Livelihood Programs

Liberty Society not only sets itself apart by intertwining sustainability into every product but also embeds a potent social impact into its operational ethos.
Liberty Society, initiated in 2019, embodied Tamara Gondo’s vision of empowering women right from its inception. Targeting especially those marred by violence and poverty, the organization vowed to instill livelihood skills and pave avenues for elevating their lives. The cornerstone of its effort lay in facilitating women to yield income through sewing and crafting. To bolster these adept women, Tamara convened bazaars and leveraged word-of-mouth sales.


Redefining Business With A Commitment To Social and Environmental Progress

Over time, Liberty Society has evolved into a dynamic social enterprise committed to both economic empowerment and environmental stewardship. Their transformation has allowed them to reinvest the proceeds from their products into empowering women through training programs and to seamlessly integrate these women into their production processes. This pivotal shift has broadened opportunities for an expanding community of women, emphasizing tailoring skills. As these women become the primary earners in their families, they not only ensure a more stable financial future but also enhance their roles within their households, fostering stronger and more cohesive domestic environments. Amplifying their societal impact, Liberty Society has successfully trained 100 refugees and has plans to extend their training to Surabaya and Bogor, aiming to reach 50 survivors of sex trafficking as well as additional refugees.
House of Freedom by Liberty Society
While the pursuit of economic empowerment is central to their mission, Liberty Society’s passion for environmental stewardship is equally evident. Their innovative waste management approaches have repurposed a significant amount of waste, leading to the creation of 6,000 distinct corporate products. Crafted from upcycled materials such as plastics, textiles, and cardboard, these products bear witness to Liberty Society’s commitment to sustainable B2B solutions. These endeavors not only mitigate environmental harm but also create positive ripples throughout their supply chain, positioning Liberty Society as a beacon in both the environmental and industrial sectors.
image : Liberty Society
Confronting and navigating challenges with a steadfast vision, Liberty Society has encountered an array of challenges since its inception, notably in aligning with businesses that authentically commit to sustainability. Producing eco-friendly products while ensuring fair wages throughout its supply chain, the company carves a niche in creating premium goods that genuinely foster positive impact. The journey to connect with companies, eager to invest in such impactful products without succumbing to greenwashing or purplewashing tactics, continually tests its resolve. 
For CEO and founder Tamara, the expedition resembles a marathon, acknowledging that sustainability work demands a long-term commitment, where innovation becomes vital for penetrating markets. Liberty Society, therefore, extends a holistic array of services, encompassing workshops, green campaigns, and CSR programs, all underscored by a priority of securing sustainable livelihoods over transient interventions.

As I lead Liberty Society in my dual role as CEO and founder, I believe it’s vital to continually seek innovative strategies to penetrate the market. Engaging in sustainability work is like running a marathon—it’s a long-term commitment. Therefore, I want to ensure that we’re not just offering quality services and workshops but also organizing green campaigns for our clients.

Redefining Business With A Commitment To Social and Environmental Progress

Liberty Society not only sets itself apart by intertwining sustainability into every product but also embeds a potent social impact into its operational ethos. Through the upcycling of textiles, plastics, and cardboard, the company crafts unique designs while steadfastly committing 10% of its profits to their robust tailoring program. Women, often refugees, victims of violence, or those navigating the challenges of low income, embark on a transformative journey through a three-month training program that encompasses both tailoring and entrepreneurship skills. The palpable metamorphosis in their lives materializes through heightened confidence, amplified trust within their communities, and the acquisition of skills that pave the way toward economic independence.
Liberty Society partnered with Nudie Jeans on their Re-Use Jeans Collection (image by Liberty Society)
Liberty Society initiates campaigns such as #WomenOfTheFuture, #WeLiftUp, and Langkah Membumi, along with noteworthy collaborations like the alliance with Nudie Jeans, not merely to elevate awareness about sustainability but to also instill tangible, positive impacts within the communities they embrace. With a steadfast aim to democratize equal opportunities, the company provides women with access to sustainable merchandise, thereby fostering a cascading ripple effect of transformative change throughout their communities.

Sustainability primarily involves mass education about available resources and options. For us, it's about democratizing equal planning and impact for women acquiring merchandise.

Liberty Society magnifies its impact and dedication to sustainable change through a strategic partnership with Interstellar.id x IKEA Social Entrepreneurship 2023. Participation in this accelerator program affords the company invaluable mentorship, grant funding, and connections that amplify their mission. Demonstrating an unwavering dedication to perpetual growth and impactful influence, Liberty Society, under Tamara’s robust leadership, embodies a luminous example of empowering women and communities through sustainable business practices. By intertwining innovative products, effectual campaigns, and an unyielding commitment, they stitch together a progressively brighter future, one resilient thread at a time.