WE Rise x SheDisrupts Philippines 2023 Demo Day: Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs and Innovation

women entrepreneurs in the Philippines
SheDisrupts Philippines 2022 Demo Day : Empowering Women Entrepreneurs to Disrupt and Rise. 
Creatella Impact and Villgro Philippines celebrated International Women’s Day on March 8th, 2023, by hosting the “WE Rise x SheDisrupts Philippines 2022” Demo Day. The event showcased 20 innovative women-led startups from tech startups to social enterprises. 


She Disrupts Philippines 2022 Pre-Acceleration Program and Pitch Event

The startups underwent a comprehensive learning experience from May 11th to May 26th, 2022, which included lectures, workshops, personalized mentoring sessions, and group work. The program helped equip startups with the knowledge and skills to grow and succeed in their respective industries.
According to a follow-up survey conducted by the organizers in January-February 2021, all startups continued their business six months after the program, and 80% of them launched new products, increased revenue, or formed new partnerships. Seven out of the 20 startups raised funds amounting to USD 2.7m, primarily in equity funding, followed by loans and grants. The Demo Day highlighted six startups, including AtoANI, Bixie, and CAWIL.AI. 
AtoANI aims to deliver healthy products to customers on agreed delivery times using their data-based produce-to-demand sustainable agriculture model. With their web and mobile-compatible platform called AtoANI i-CROP, farmers receive data-based recommendations on what to plant based on customer demand and proximity to partner farmer locations. AtoANI is committed to delivering healthy products to customers on agreed delivery times and in the most convenient way possible. Their goal is to support farming communities by implementing a data-based produce-to-demand sustainable agriculture model.
image : AtoANI
Bixie, on the other hand, provides a financial home for women, encouraging savings and wealth generation through knowledge, tools, and networks. Recently, Bixie served 10,000 users and raised successful pre-seed rounds in Asia, solidifying its position as a leader in the industry. Bixie, on the other hand, provides a financial home for women, encouraging savings and wealth generation through knowledge, tools, and network.
image credit : Bixie


CAWIL.AI provides AI technologies that can help preserve biodiversity, livelihood, and the environment through Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). They recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Province of Bataan in the Philippines and are collaborating with a Japanese firm for a crowdfunding campaign to expand its reach and impact.
image credit : CAWIL AI
Pic-A-Talk, another highlighted startup, developed a mobile app designed for non-verbal children with special needs, such as autism, learning disabilities, and speech delay. The app helps them express themselves and connect with people around them. It is a very simple app that uses pictures to make it easier for kids to understand and use it. All they have to do is click!
image credit : Pic-A-Talk
Waste4Good presented their “Turning your waste into something good!” idea. During the Covid-19 pandemic, many people experienced food insecurity, and Waste4Good aims to provide a solution. They offer products that promote sustainable and healthier food resources, waste management, and good agricultural practices. Waste4Good empowers communities to create positive change. They have even pivoted from a solar-powered automatic bin to a Waste4Good planting kit, which includes Compost Activator Solution (CAS). This innovative solution not only addresses the Covid-19 impact but also helps to mitigate the biowaste problem.
image credit : Waste4Good
Global Credit Pros presented their “Holistic Suite of Financial Services” aimed at providing Filipinos with the means to achieve financial freedom. Their mission is to break the cycle of debt and help Filipinos prepare for retirement in a measurable way. The suite of services includes a financial wellness program, retirement planning, educational loans paid directly to schools, personal salary loans, and term life and health insurance. It’s worth noting that the GCP recently secured PHP 5 million in debt from Security Bank Philippines and PHP 7 million from TGP Philippines.problem.
image credit : Global Credit Pros
These innovative and inspiring women entrepreneurs demonstrated a range of skills, visions, and values that highlight the power of women-led businesses in driving economic growth and social impact.