This week in climate policy: 4 stories you should follow

A bill to repeal the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund moves forward in the U.S. Congress, 16 states sue to block the Biden administration’s LNG export pause, and more.

By Leah Garden

March 25, 2024

The Atomium of Brussels, a modernist building that represents a silver atom model.
  • H.R. 1023, to repeal the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (GGRF), will proceed in coming weeks to the Senate for voting following approval by the full house. GGRF was created and funded by the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) to mobilize financing for more local clean energy projects, ventures and technology. Coalition for Green Capital Chairman and CEO Reed Hundt released a statement saying, "We hope every senator is fully aware that every citizen of every state will benefit from pollution reduction, greenhouse gas reduction, job creation, and lower energy prices if they stand against the repeal of the GGRF."
  • Arguing that the Biden administration’s pause on LNG exports should have gone through a regulatory process that provided a public comment period, 16 Republican-led states are moving forward with a lawsuit to reverse the policy. "There is no legal basis for the pause," said Louisiana attorney general Elizabeth B. Murrill
  • Pushing forward the long-heralded nuclear power renaissance, 34 countries including the United States, China, France and Britain will work together — pledged to "unlock the potential of nuclear energy by taking measures such as enabling conditions to support and competitively finance the lifetime extension of existing nuclear reactors, the construction of new nuclear power plants and the early deployment of advanced reactors." The multinational pledge follows the controversial extension of California’s Diablo Canyon plant.  
  • European officials are maneuvering in advance of elections for the European Union, which will commence in June, with hundreds of millions of voters holding the future impact of the European Green Deal precariously in the balance. Voters will also shape the implementation of regulations against corporate greenwashing and greenhouse gas reduction goals by 2040. 

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