The Youth Co:Lab Summit 2022 : Celebrating The Role Of Young People In The Decade of Action

Youth Co:lab summit 2022
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Set up in 2017 by the UNDP and the Citi Foundation, Youth Co:Lab aims to accelerate the implementation of sustainable development goals for APAC by empowering the youth. The 2022 Summit is envisioned to highlight, encourage and celebrate the role of youth in our crucial Decade of Action; Showcasing and inspiring Youth to Action especially aligning on the larger Youth Co:Lab themes of Youth in Climate Action and Leaving No Youth Behind. 


Youth Co:Lab Summit 2022

The Youth Co:Lab Summit 2022 in Singapore, co-organized by UNDP and Citi Foundation and in partnership with National Youth Council Singapore, serves as a key milestone for the regional youth empowerment agenda by positioning young people and their innovative ideas, front and centre to solve the region’s most pressing challenges.
As we celebrate young entrepreneurs’ agility and resilience in responding to these unprecedented times, we must also meet the moment and step up our collective efforts to support young people and their transformative solutions to lead the way in our journey beyond recovery, towards 2030.
The 2022 Summit is envisioned to high- light, encourage and celebrate the role of youth in our crucial Decade of Action; Showcasing and inspiring youth to Action especially aligning on the larger Youth Co:Lab themes of Youth in Climate Action and Leaving No Youth Behind.
Also given the focus of the National Youth Council in Singapore to push youth to- wards taking an action in realising their vision of the future, the theme can pro- vide a base to curate the specific agen- das, showcases and ecosystem partners.

Youth In Climate Action

Climate change is arguably the biggest threat our world faces today. The consequences range from countries disappear- ing, famine and widespread destruction of lives and properties. The August 2021 release of the AR6 Report highlights the urgency of the situation, with the UN Secretary General de- claring a “code red for humanity”. The Glasgow Climate Pact out of COP26 saw countries raising their climate am- bitions, however the world is still short of where it needs to be to stem the impacts of climate change.
Meanwhile across the Asia-Pacific region, temperatures are increasing, floods and droughts are becoming more intense, and sea levels are rising, with disastrous impacts for young people that live there. However, the climate crisis is not inevitable and youth, who see climate change as a major priority, are an important part of the solution. Using innovation, creativity and passion, young people, including young social entrepreneurs are among the strongest advocates for change.
A recent UNDP survey found that, while 63 percent of the people in Asia and the Pacific recognize climate change as a global emergency, young people are more likely than any other age group to do so. But change is not easy, and young people require all our support to make it happen. Whether in the form of new part- nerships, dedicated accelerators to scale up young people attempting to tackle climate change or research to showcase the ways in which young people are al- ready making a difference, Youth Co:Lab together with partners are stepping up their support for young climate activists.

Leave No One Behind

When it comes to achieving the SDGs, the progress in Asia-Pacific is uneven. While important gains have been achieved, progress has often been made amongst those groups that are easiest to reach, leaving many of the poorest and most vulnerable – including youth – behind.
The COVID-19 pandemic has also un- doubtedly exacerbated the inequality gap further. To be able to fully prosper as a region, it is paramount that vulner- able and marginalized communities and youth are given the tools and means to thrive.
Youth Co:Lab’s “leave no one behind” principle reflects going the extra mile to reach marginalized community and pro- vide support to social enterprises that are bringing services and products to under- served groups.


The Youth Co:Lab summit 2022 expects to bring together participants from 20 countries within Asia pacific for our in-person involvement in Singapore, as well as a global audience for our online engagement. Among the participants will be leaders and entrepreneurs from a variety of sectors involved in youth empowerment, representatives from government, academia, UN agencies, the media, and start-ups and investors.
4-5 July 2022: Pre-Forum (by invitation only)
6-7 July 2022: Main Summit
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