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Indonesia’s first refill vending stations are finally launched and we are excited about it !  

Nearly 600 cubic meters of plastic waste is produced by  apartment blocks and households in Jakarta alone.

Overall, plastic waste is one of the greatest threats to Jakarta’s population and environment with nearly 7,000 tonnes of this non-degradable materials find its way to landfills and the city’s Final Waste Disposal Site (TPA) per day.

One feasible solution is by reducing the volume of single-use plastic wastes at the source i.e. household ! 

Introducing the latest  venture from Zero Waste Living Lab – QYOS ! 


Led by developer and venture builder Fazrin Raham. The build began with the end goal: replacing single-use plastic packaging of home and personal care products with a reusable, accessible, and consumer friendly alternative for people living in apartment buildings or residential areas.⠀
With that goal in mind, Fazrin built and improved on a basic dispensing machine design. A process that involved a back and forth between finding the right nozzle that wouldn’t drip and remain contactless. This to adapt with COVID-19 hygiene measures. ⠀

QYOS Developer and Venture Builder - Fazrin Raham (Image Credit : Zero Waste Living Lab - Indonesia)
QYOS Developer and Venture Builder - Fazrin Raham (Image Credit : Zero Waste Living Lab - Indonesia)
Qyos Indonesia (Image Credit : Zero Waste Living Lab)
Qyos Indonesia (Image Credit : Zero Waste Living Lab)

QYOS provides an automated refill vending machine, which is conveniently placed in the lobbies of residential  buildings around Jakarta. This placement significantly helps facilitate sustainable living and reduce obstacles to adopting a reusable lifestyle. 

QYOS automated vending machines are easy to deploy and being operated 24/7 without any human attendants. The machine mechanism allows a precise distribution of products, offering customers a cheaper lower price points by eliminating the cost of single-use plastic packaging.

These refill machines provide an efficient and responsible supply chain mechanism powered by big data and the internet. The IoT data can give companies/ producers fine-grain tracking and predictive analysis on consumer demands. 

This cashless and touch-less system is currently being piloted in a residential building in Jakarta, with incredibly positive feedback from their first customers! 

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