Call For Decade Actions On Sustainable Blue Foods & Ocean Economy

Decade Of Action : Ocean Economy
The call aims to address thematic gaps and promote transformative science related to achieve a sustainable and productive ocean. 
The ocean serves as the foundation for future global economic development, human health, and well-being, as well as providing food security and livelihoods for hundreds of millions of the world’s poorest people.
But to achieve the vision of a sustainable and productive ocean, knowledge and tools to support the recovery of wild fish stocks and the deployment of sustainable fisheries management and aquaculture practices are needed. Innovation, technological developments, and decision support tools to minimize risk, avoid lasting harm and optimize the contribution of economic sectors to developing a sustainable ocean economy are essential. To guide the development of sustainable ocean economies and promote the marine sector, governments and industrial decision-makers need to be provided with tailored information and ocean management frameworks, such as sustainable ocean planning that builds resilience, recognizes thresholds, and avoids ecological tipping points.


Call for Decade Actions on Sustainable Blue Economy and Ocean Economy

Coinciding with the International Year of Artisanal Fisheries and Aquaculture, the scope of the new Call for Decade Actions No. 03/2022 for Decade Programmes is Challenge 3 – Sustainable Blue Food and Challenge 4 – Sustainable Ocean Economy.
Building on the impact of the Ocean Decade since its launch in January 2021, the call aims to continue addressing thematic and regional gaps and to encourage transformative science to achieve the outcomes identified for the next ten years.
For the Call for Decade Actions No. 03/2022, 17 endorsed Decade Programmes are also inviting Project submissions – please see the Guidance Note for Applicants for the full list. These “umbrella” Decade Programmes include various thematic orientations, some focusing on marine life and ocean observations, others on regional action such as in the Mediterranean Sea.
Call For Decade Action no.03/2022

How To Apply ? 

Interested parties should complete and submit the relevant online “Request for Endorsement” form. Please note that there are several different online forms and different deadlines depending on the type of Action you are submitting. While submissions for Programmes and Projects are limited to the opening period of the Call for Decade Actions, Decade Contributions may be submitted on a rolling basis.
You can find all of the documentation needed to submit an Action on the Global Stakeholder Forum:
Please note that registration to the Global Stakeholder Forum is required to access all documentation and submit requests for endorsement. For additional information or queries, please contact oceandecade@unesco.organd include “Call for Decade Actions No. 03/2022” in the subject line.
Deadline for applications: 30 August 2022 23.59h CET


The vision of the Ocean Decade is ‘the science we need for the ocean we want’. The Ocean Decade provides a convening framework for scientists and stakeholders from diverse sectors to develop the scientific knowledge and the partnerships needed to accelerate and harness advances in ocean science to achieve a better understanding of the ocean system, and deliver science-based solutions to achieve the 2030 Agenda.