Still Proud : Kicking-off Pride Month with Pink Fest 2021

pride month 2021
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June is global pride month. Here’s how LGBTQ community and allies can celebrate pride month amid the ongoing pandemic. 
There’s no stopping the spirit of Pride. While the global coronavirus pandemic has changed every aspect of life in the last 14 months, June’s commemoration of Pride Month will be celebrated different. 
Welcoming the month of June, many of us are probably familiar with its association with Pride and its significance to our LGBTQ+ friends out there. Queer people have gone through decades of oppression and have had to fight hard for their freedom to love and as such, this month can mean a lot to many of them. In honor of Pride month, the lovely people at Pink Fest just announced their launch on May 7th along with their current lineup via their social media handles on Facebook (@pinkfestsingapore) and  Instagram (@pinkfestsg)


Being organised by a committee of LGBTQ+ individuals and allies from different industries, Pink Fest describes itself as a commercial festival in Singapore that has been celebrating Pride Month since 2018. The festival sees the importance of maintaining a safe, supportive and inclusive environment especially for people of the queer community. For that reason, they have varying (not to mention fun) events for queers and allies alike, as well as events focusing on boosting these individuals up. Events like mental health, financial and career management, inclusivity and purchasing a home as a queer person, as well as LGBTQ+ couples’ classes and more!
Though many of the aforementioned events are held face-to-face in Singapore, they have also added online events for those who are unable to attend the festival physically. With many of their events being free yet diverse overall, Pink Fest is a great way for you to support LGBTTQ+ led events and groups, in this month of love.  
Click here to learn more and see their full lineup for this year’s festival.  Follow them on Instagram and Facebook to keep a lookout for future updates! 
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