Sisters Of The Moon : Poulomi Basu’s Evocative Photo Series On Climate and Gender

Sisters of the moon
Ever wonder how gender roles intersect with the water crisis, environmental destruction and climate justice ? 
Climate change threatens to exacerbate the inequalities between women and men’s relationship to water. The impacts of climate change on precipitation are projected to cause more extreme flooding and droughts, resulting in pollution of freshwater resources and increased water scarcity. Rising sea levels will intrude on coastal freshwater resources. Deterioration in water quality and quantity will impact food availability and water access and utilization, particularly among poor rural farmers. Women comprise 43%, especially in Asian and African river deltas communities.


Sisters of The Moon 

WaterAid and award-winning Indian eco feminist artist and activist Poulomi Basu have launched a dynamic new dystopian photo series, Sisters of the Moon, to explore a lack of clean water and toilets limits the power and potential of women and girls. Sisters of the Moon is inspired by women and girls the artist has encountered over the last decade and her own childhood in Kolkata. The photos use powerful symbolism to investigate gender-related violence, menstruation taboos, and climate change.
Sisters of the moon 2
Poulomi Basu’s most recent picture series, Sisters of the Moon, makes politics personal. Poulomi uses dramatic self-portraits – all shot in Iceland – to demonstrate how lack of clean water and toilets affects the power and potential of women and girls.
Sisters of the moon 3
She discusses her relationship with WaterAid and the influence it has had on her work, both past and present. Go behind the scenes and learn how Poulomi created her ethereal images for Sisters of the Moon below

This artwork addresses how the homes of women and girls are impacted by the multiple battles of the climate crisis, rising sea levels and the imminent threat of cyclones. It was inspired by a story of a girl in Bangladesh who lost her home in the Sunderbans because of rising sea levels. When your home is sinking, what means of access to water and toilets does a girl actually have?

All images courtesy WaterAid/ Poulomi Basu. Sisters of the Moon series, in support of WaterAid’s Thirst for Knowledge Appeal, Iceland, December 2021.