Singapore’s First Urban Fish Farm: Repurposing Shipping Containers for Sustainable Aquaculture

Singapore’s first sustainable container fish farm is here! It’s a leap in local agriculture, cleaning 10,000 liters of water daily with minimal energy, and creating a healthy habitat for fish
In the bustling heart of Tampines, Singapore, a revolutionary project is taking shape, transforming the way we think about urban farming and sustainability. Singapore’s first urban fish farm, housed in a repurposed shipping container, was inaugurated on November 19th, heralding a new era in local urban farming and marking a significant stride towards the nation’s ambitious “30 by 30” food goal.


A Vision of Sustainable Urban Farming

Nestled next to the vibrant Tampines Round Market and Food Centre, this container fish farm is more than an agricultural project; it’s a symbol of innovative thinking. Inside the container, jade perch – a popular local delicacy – are being raised to market-ready sizes. This initiative not only promises fresh, locally-sourced produce but also contributes to Singapore’s goal of producing 30% of its food domestically by 2030.
The Tampines community has rallied around this pioneering project. Minister Masagos Zulkifli, alongside other local leaders, celebrated the launch, highlighting the community’s enthusiasm and support. This project is not just about producing food; it’s about fostering a sense of community and environmental stewardship.

Bridging Technology and Ecology

The brains behind this project, Aqualita Ecotechnology, in partnership with Tampines Town Council, are trailblazers in aquaculture technology. They’re pushing the boundaries, looking to expedite the growth of jade perch and exploring the health and nutritional needs of the fish. This venture is about more than fish farming; it’s a quest for knowledge and innovation.
Utilizing a recirculating aquaculture system, this compact urban farm epitomizes efficiency. Occupying just 15 square meters – roughly the size of a small apartment bedroom – this container farm is a testament to what can be achieved in limited urban spaces.
Source : Aqualita Graphic : Changemakr Asia

Beyond Fish Farming, The Art of Repurposing

The container farm’s impact extends beyond providing fresh fish. It’s a hub for community engagement, offering job opportunities and serving as an educational tool for local schools. It’s a living classroom where residents can learn about sustainable farming practices and the importance of local food production.
The repurposing of shipping containers for farming is a creative solution to urban space limitations. It’s a model of how we can rethink our resources – turning what was once a vessel for global trade into a cradle for local food production.
As Singapore moves towards its 2030 food self-sufficiency goal, projects like the Tampines container fish farm are beacons of innovation and community spirit. They represent a shift in how we view urban spaces, technology, and our relationship with the environment. It’s a small step in a global journey towards sustainability, but it’s a step that resonates with hope and possibility. It’s a reminder that sometimes, the solutions we seek are just a creative thought away.

Lead image courtesy of Lorenza Cotellessa. all other images courtesy of Beagle Button.