Moonshot Ventures and Creatella Impact Empower Women-led Startups at SheDisrupts Indonesia 2023 Demo Day

She Disrupts Indonesia
SheDisrupts Indonesia 2023 Demo Day Showcased 26 Promising Women-led Startups
Moonshot Ventures and Creatella Impact hosted the SheDisrupts Indonesia 2023 Demo Day on March 24, 2023. The event showcased 26 women-led startups from Indonesia that are working on impactful solutions to the country’s social and environmental challenges.


SheDisrupts Indonesia 2023

The SheDisrupts program aims to empower women entrepreneurs in Indonesia by helping them leverage innovation and technology to disrupt social and environmental issues. The program was initiated by Moonshot Ventures and Creatella Impact in collaboration with Sasakawa Peace Foundation, UNDP, UN Women, and Monk’s Hill Ventures.
SheDisrupts Indonesia 2023
image : SheDisrupts Indonesia 2023
The program started in January 2023 with a venture competition phase where 54 startups were selected. From this phase, 26 promising startups were chosen for the second phase of the program. The second phase was a three-week pre-acceleration training program that included lectures, workshops, group work, and 1-on-1 mentoring on business, technology, and impact-related topics.
The program’s virtual Demo Day was held on March 24, 2023, and attended by over 100 investors, mentors, and partners. The Demo Day showcased the startups that went through the training program, representing a broad spectrum of sectors such as health tech, education, energy, and financial services.
The startups that pitched during the Demo Day were carefully selected for their potential to drive sustainable development alongside their businesses. They received mentorship and training to build their confidence and skills, and their pitches demonstrated their ability to create impact-driven businesses.
Since its launch in 2021, the SheDisrupts program has been conducted in Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. The resounding success of the program and its replication beyond Indonesia demonstrate the overwhelming potential of women-led startups in building bold business solutions to the most pressing problems.
You can find concise descriptions of the startups that presented, and for more detailed information, please visit the SheDisrupts website at

Lead image courtesy of UN Women / Kelik Broto.