#REFILLution Is Possible With Qyos Smart Refill Vending Machines

Qyos.id impact report 2021
#REFILLution is possible with QYOS. 
QYOS, a Jakarta-based startup, developed a solution to make daily products such as soap and detergent refillable using a smart vending machine system. This breakthrough solution was inspired by the pressing issue of plastic waste in Indonesia. According to Ridwan Kamil, the Governor of West Java, Indonesia is the second largest producer of plastic waste globally. One way to counter this is by changing the daily consumption habits, minimizing single-use packaging that contributes to the country’s alarming rate of waste growth. Based on this concern, QYOS seeks to introduce and eventually normalize refilling habits to the Indonesian public. More than just another sophisticated, new technology, QYOS positions itself to be a solution that answers real-life needs instead.



To this date, QYOS has avoided more than 3000 single-use plastic pouches commonly found on body soap, dishwashing liquid, and laundry detergent packaging. This is achieved through QYOS’ weekly sales which steadily increased up to 40% percent and more than 70% of customers returning to refill their household products. In this area, QYOS has positively contributed to the Sustainable Development Goals number 12, 14, and 15, respectively focusing on protecting ocean ecosystems, land ecosystems, and supporting responsible consumption/production.
On November 20th, 2021, QYOS opened its newest refill station branch in Pasar Modern Bintaro. The modern market itself is one of the most popular daily shopping destinations in South Tangerang, making the location highly strategic to introduce QYOS’ refill solution to the local community and greater public. As the winner of ASEAN Youth Social Innovation Challenge, the refill station at Pasar Modern Bintaro is fully supported by CSEAS and NIVA as the organizer of the international-scale competition. The refill machines at Pasar Modern Bintaro offer two of QYOS’ most popular products, laundry detergent and dishwashing liquid. At Pasar Modern alone, QYOS targets to prevent waste from more than 1200 single-use plastic packaging monthly. Aside from tackling the plastic waste issue in Indonesia, QYOS hopes to bring an enjoyable refill experience for all, ready to be embraced by the community.
QYOS plans to open more branches and expand the choice of refillable daily products in the near future. “QYOS adoptable by the public, and zero-waste refills will be the consuming habit of the Indonesian market,” Fazrin Rahman, director and founder of QYOS, confirmed.
QYOS 2021 Impact Report
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