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If you can refill cleaning soap without using plastic, why not? 
Indonesia is attempting to lessen plastic waste by reusing plastic waste. Many projects are executed to lessen plastic waste, one of which is to supplant the utilization of shopping plastic with eco-accommodating shopping sacks like handbags. Notwithstanding, this doesn’t significantly affect the measure of family plastic waste. This is the thing that motivated Qyos to make development through the machine they made and presented by Qyos at Janeve Kitchen, Pasar Modern, Bintaro, South Tangerang.


Qyos is a sustainable refill solution for house care and home products. Qyos made fast-moving customer products refillable and focused on zero plastic waste. The Qyos program was inspired by the desire to reduce plastic waste due to household products purchased from minimarkets, supermarkets, traditional markets. By halting plastic production at the factory and then filling refill machines with household products, people can use the reusable plastic they have to refill the product they require. The concept applied by Qyos is straightforward, like a refillable water dispenser, but the Qyos machine will be the refillable home products dispenser. impact report 2021

Want to be the first one who opens the way for a refill circular economy

Darina Maulana, Qyos Co-founder

Qyos : Bringing sustainability to everyone

Qyos is supported by Enviu, a venture building start-up builder that focuses on environmental issues, especially Enviiu Indonesia that deals with plastic issues. Enviu and Qyos are also supported by Algramo, a Chilean company that helps manufacture refill machines locally and local FMCG. Qyos won the competition in ASEAN through the ASEANO program (ASEAN-Norway project) and received support to sustain the Qyos program. Through the refill without the plastic program, the parties involved will undoubtedly get an impact in the form of a brand boost and reduced capital spent on packaging their products.
Qyos at Janeve Kitchen, Pasar Bintaro, Indonesia
image : Qyos at Jeneve Kitchen, Pasar Bintaro, Indonesia

As a start-up, there are challenges that we need to face, like limited resources in a lot of things such as human resources and many more.

Fazrin Rahman, Qyos Co-founder
Qyos is still a startup with a long way to go. A lot of challenges lie ahead, such as limited resources, quality assurance of the refill machine, reliability, and sustainability. Qyos, however, hopes to further develop the refill without plastic program in Indonesia, and open a franchise in the traditional market for all Indonesians from various classes to be able to use it.
Shalimar a Qyos' Soft Launching
Writer at Qyos' Soft Launching Event


The first smart refill system in Indonesia. We make the refilling experience easier, faster, and cheaper. QYOS : Easy Refill, No Plastic Waste. #REFILLution in progress!
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