[RE]Energize Hackathon 2023 : Inviting Innovators to Tackle Indonesia’s Climate Crisis!

[RE]Energize Hackathon 2023
New Energy Nexus Indonesia is holding its fourth [RE]Energize: Hackathon to support the adoption of clean energy, climate-friendly innovations, and creative disrupting ideas and solutions towards an abundant world with a 100% clean energy economy for 100% of the population. 
New Energy Nexus (NEX) Indonesia is proud to launch its fourth [RE]Energize: Hackathon, an innovation competition aimed at finding solutions to address Indonesia’s climate crisis. The [RE]Energize: Hackathon 2023 will showcase the potential of young professionals, climate innovators, startups, and entrepreneurs to contribute to sustainable economic development, energy transition, and decarbonization in Indonesia through Climate Tech & Digitalization. Teams will compete for a total prize of IDR 100 Million and the opportunity to further catalyze their innovative ideas.


Innovation is crucial for finding effective solutions to address the pressing issue of climate change. That is why, in this year's Hackathon, NEX Indonesia is placing a strong emphasis on fostering innovative mindsets among young professionals and innovators to generate groundbreaking concepts and ideas for mitigating the climate crisis. We have curated a diverse set of tools and resources to equip participants in their quest to hack the climate crisis in Indonesia.

To mark the beginning of [RE]Energize: Hackathon 2023, NEX Indonesia hosted an engaging discussion that brought together young professionals in the field to explore Indonesia’s climate change challenges and cultivate an innovative entrepreneurial mindset. The event featured Arliza Nathania, Energy Analyst at WRI Indonesia, and Agung Saputra, CEO of Surplus, who shared their insights and experiences on the topic.

Indonesia has witnessed numerous natural and human-induced disasters that resulted in the loss of life and significant economic damage. As a result, transitioning to a low-carbon business and green economy is imperative to mitigate the impacts of the climate crisis. With its abundant resources and immense potential, Indonesia has the opportunity to become a hub of innovation for decarbonization, driving positive change and contributing to a sustainable future.

“In 2019, I began developing Surplus as a community-led social campaign, recognizing that Indonesia was the second-largest food waste contributor. Despite this, 22.9 million Indonesians were unable to meet their dietary requirements, and 30.8 percent of children under the age of five were stunted. We wondered how we could scale up this movement and make it more accessible to the masses. As a result, we decided to innovate and leverage technology to enable more people to participate. Therefore, I wholeheartedly support New Energy Nexus’s [RE]Energize: Hackathon 2023 and encourage young professionals to tackle everyday challenges and transform them into opportunities for creating a better environment,” stated Agung Saputra, CEO of Surplus, supporting the software-enabled solutions for the mission
(left-right) Renaldo (Program Manager NEX ID), Diyanto Imam (Program Director NEX ID), Nathania (Energy Analyst,WRI), Agung S (CEO Surplus) / Image : New Nexus Energy Indonesia
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Today, stakeholders in the climate space have set higher expectations for innovators, startups, and entrepreneurs to create climate-resilient and future-proof ideas and business opportunities. The urgency of the climate crisis has made it imperative to foster innovation that can effectively address the challenges of tomorrow.
NEX Indonesia welcomes innovation at all stages, from concept and idea development to the pilot, growth, and post-revenue stages, in software-enabled solutions that focus on, but are not limited to:
  • Carbon Oset Platform
  • Building Energy Management
  • Climate Fintech
  • Climate Smart Agriculture & Aqua/Marine-tech
  • Data Monitoring & Analytics
  • Smart Grid & O Grid Software
  • Storage and Mobility
Nathania & Agung at [RE]Energize Hackathon Kickoff Event / Image : New Energy Nexus Indonesia

Important dates & Main agenda

  • 9 March – 28 May: registration & outreach activities
  • June-July: Preliminary Bootcamp
  • August: Top 10 selected teams’ mentoring session
  • September: [RE]Energize: Hackathon 2023 Demo Day & Investment Speed Dating
NEX Indonesia offers an exclusive online Design Thinking video course presented by Yan Yan Muhammad Achdiansyah, a seasoned climate tech professional, to guide participants in shaping their innovative solutions before submitting their applications.
Moreover, applicants who submit their ideas before the deadline of Sunday, April 30th, 2023, 11:59 PM, will receive a bonus online course from Vanessa Geraldine, CCO of Prieds Technology, as an added learning opportunity.
The application window for [RE]Energize: Hackathon 2023 runs from March 9th to May 28th, 2023. If you are interested in applying and accessing the learning content, as well as obtaining further information, please visit the following LINK.

The article was initially published on 25th March 2023.