Meet The EMPOWER Initiative : Youth Initiative For College Readiness

The EMPOWER initiative
The EMPOWER Initiative is the latest youth initiative focuses on helping students prepare for college life. 
There is so much talk about career readiness and being prepared for workplace environments, but too little about college readiness, despite universities being a valuable source of knowledge. The current education system from various countries all over Asia focuses too much on “outcomes” and “grades,” ultimately failing to equip students with strategies necessary to achieve consistent results.



At least twelve years of our lives are spent on primary and secondary school, aside from whether or not we spend a couple of our first ones in kindergarten. That is twelve-plus years dedicated to feeding us information, educating us, and blessing us with the knowledge to prepare us for the big imperfect world out there. But as we focus on our academic studies, very little attention is spared on preparing for college, despite being marketed as incredibly vital in job-seeking in the future. As a result, many high schoolers end up feeling lost and confused about enrolling in college — their interests and majors, to even whether or not they want to continue to higher education at all. That’s where the lovely people at The EMPOWER Initiative come in to save the day (and your following 3.5+ years).


The EMPOWER Initiative is a youth-led non-profit organization that focuses on the lack of college readiness in students in Malaysia. The group believes that through peer-to-peer mentorship and sharing sessions, a student can best understand the issues at hand and come to a solution. After all, who else would better understand student problems other than students themselves?
These mentoring sessions are eloquently dubbed the initiative’s EMPOWERment session and will run on Discord. Discussing topics including Academic Essay Writing, Note-taking and Exam Preparation, Personal Organisation, and Effective Oral Presentations. Through a more empathetic and personal approach, students in Malaysia ranging from 16 to 21 can hopefully find their path towards higher education with more confidence.
If all this sounds interesting, join their community of young students and mentors on Discord and invite your friends who might find value in this initiative! Their next EMPOWERment Session is scheduled on 19th August and will be on the topic of Personal Organisation – where the founder of the initiative himself will be sharing frameworks that anyone can use to organize their life, time, and files!
What’s more? The EMPOWER Initiative has an exciting upcoming project available to even those unable to participate in their Discord sessions. In alignment with the forthcoming International Youth’s Day on the 12th of August, The EMPOWER Initiative is launching EMPOWERMENT Week – a series of social media challenges to engage with the public youth to empower one another. This social media event will run from 9th to 15th of August and will consist of engaging content focusing on discussions regarding college readiness issues. 
So, what are you waiting for? Check out The EMPOWER Initiative’s Instagram and their LinkedIn profile for more info (as well as additional facts on college readiness) or join their Discord server and start taking control of your future!